In case you didn’t already know, this week Florence hosts Pitti Uomo, a giant fashion trade show event, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. But the clothes aren’t the thing to die for…it’s the people. They are perfect. And gorgeous. And you will fall in love. Lucky for you, I’ve made this a little easier by dividing it into three sections: the men, the women, and the couples. So take your pick.

**WARNING: you’ll want to immediately pack your bags and fly on over to find yourself a husband. Or wife. Or harem. Whatever floats your boat, really.


Paging Woody Allen…we found your European son. And he is perfect
Tailored suit? Yes, please
For all the older gals out there, this man proves that white suits never go out of style, and neither do European men.

They look beautiful just conversing

No, these are not GQ models. Yes, they really look like this
European men are even kind enough to tell you what kind of clothes they intended to wear. In case it wasn’t clear.
Too hot for pants? Don’t worry, European men make shorts look black-tie ready
He looks good enough to eat. Or maybe it’s the meat vest. Either way, YUM.


I present to you the most perfect man alive, Mariano Di Vaio. Yes, he is this beautiful in person.


bright, bold colors were all the rage with European women

Britney and Justin couldn’t make all denim work, but this European chic sure does
If you haven’t already, invest in a pair of circle glasses and thank me later
European women love their bright colors and rightfully so. They look fabulous!
No full-coverage shirt? No problem. But unless you look like this woman, I suggest you don’t attempt it
They are just beautiful.
And they look like butterflies


Blast from the past? Somehow they make it work.
Have you ever seen a more attractive pair? Doubtful
And then there’s this guy…who didn’t have enough muscles to start with…

Swooning yet?

Yeahhhh, me too. So there you have it. Just a glimpse of perfection of Europeans on a day at Pitti Uomo. Don’t worry, there’s more to come!


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