“I don’t want a lot for Christmas / There is just one thing I need / I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree….” 

Romantic and winning. Mariah’s iconic “All I want for Christmas” has been rocking the holiday season ever since 1994, and shows no signs of abating. Why it’s so popular? Because it’s enjoyable. And because (virtually) everyone agrees that being happily in love is the best thing ever. Right? Right!

I won’t make a list and send it, but…

But, although your beloved and your friends and family may delight in singing that they “don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree” they’re still expecting to find their stockings nice and full…

Winter holidays are, inevitably, expensive. Previews show that the average European will spend at least €500 on gifts, and this does not include food and drink, decorations, holiday outfits, and travel expenses. Plus, aside from strictly Christmas-related spending, most of us have to factor in heating and higher light bills too. 

‘Tis not the season for credit card debt

Needless to say, holiday spending carries a lot of people into credit card debt. But the debt will necessarily have to be settled sooner or later, and you’re bound to be charged interest. Above all, I firmly believe that going into debt adds stress, and that’s one thing you don’t want for Christmas. 

Have yourself a merry debt-free Christmas

We love Christmas here at Studentsville, and we’re all about helping others, especially students and the newly-employed. That’s why we decided to write about the best ways to add to your holiday budget. 

Looking for ways to make it really jolly? Read on! 

We’ve studied the holiday scenario, reviewed the market studies and come up with the 5 smartest ways ever to make some extra money for Christmas. 

christmas survey

The 3 Kings bore gifts…

And the following 5 tips will help you do the same! No worries, no concerns: all are legit, safe and 100% rewarding. Plus, there’s love and affection in them too, which makes the whole deal more Christmassy!

5 Wise Ways to make extra money for the holidays

Ready to hit the Christmas jackpot? Right, so here we go

  1. Work as a dog-walker (or cat-sitter!)
  2. Sell your clothes 
  3. Take online surveys 
  4. Bake, and sell, Christmas goodies
  5. Run holiday errands for the elderly

Work as a dog-walker (or cat-sitter!)

Pros: great exercise, a high probability of meeting good-looking fellow dog-walkers or owners  (“Baby all I want for Christmas”…)

Cons: cold rainy days, cats that scratch, dogs that run away

Dog-walking, cat-sitting, bird-tending and even… goldfish-feeding! There are a lot of options out there for animal lovers, and you can make quite a bundle, particularly on weekends and/or over the holidays. If you like animals, these are all straightforward, pleasant, easy jobs. 

Sell your clothes

Pros: simple, quick, and unselfish. Definitely Christmas-oriented behavior!

Cons: missing the cozy sweater you just sold, paying commission

Let’s face it: you haven’t worn those jeans for ages, and the same goes for that sweater and that tank top. Why keep them all there to collect dust when you can make a profit, clean up your closet and allow others to enjoy them all in one go? Selling the clothes you don’t wear online is a great way to make extra money, but check the commission charged: some are very high.

Take online surveys

Pros: weatherproof, no schedule, cash payments via paypal

Cons: none that we can think of

Time of the day: whenever. Time spent doing it: as much as you choose. Location: your couch (or somebody else’s, if more convenient). There’s no doubt about it: taking online surveys is the best, easiest, quickest way to add to your holiday budget. Provided you make sure the survey site you choose to register to is 100% reliable and legit. Your best bet? Intellizoom, absolutely. Read on to discover why!

Bake, and sell, Christmas goodies

Pros: a house that smells like cinnamon and chocolate, multiple tasting opportunities

Cons: potential weight gain (see above), washing hundreds of pots and pans daily, burning the goodies ‘cause you’re on the phone

Homemade tastefully packaged gingerbread, oatmeal raisin cookies, brownies, fudge, chocolate truffles, and the like make marvelous gifts. And, regardless of the fact that the ingredients are not expensive, people are willing to pay for homemade seasonally-themed goodies. If you like meddling around in the kitchen, baking and selling Christmas treats is the perfect money-making perk. 

Run holiday errands for the elderly

Christmas is about doing good deeds too. Many elderly people have a hard time facing the bustling streets, and the pandemic has made them wary of fighting their way through crowds to get their regular errands and/or Christmas shopping done. If you have time on your hands, and like being out on the go, this is the job you’re looking for! 

Pros: happy smiles and heartfelt thanks from your customers, feeling you did some worthwhile

Cons: standing in queues, cold rainy days, going back to the shop five times (because your customer isn’t satisfied)

Summing it up: what’s the smartest way to make extra money this Christmas

Last Christmas, you were broke by New Year’s Eve. 

Thanks to our tips, this Christmas, you’ll be rocking around the Christmas tree!

First things first: let’s weigh up the pros and cons properly. All the above-listed activities are good for making extra cash, but pet-sitting, errand-running, cookie-baking, and selling clothes online all have a downside, while taking online surveys doesn’t show any drawback whatsoever.

Summing it up, enrolling to participate in Intellizoom paid online studies is the wisest, most comfortable and hassle-free money-raising solution! 

About survey sites: why do they exist?

Companies need to know whether the product they aim to make, or want to sell, will be successful. Hence, what they need to have is opinions, and specifically, the opinions of prospective customers. Whether you know it or not, you are one of the people whose opinions companies want, and there are hundreds of websites specialized in recruiting non-professionals just like you! 

Legit or non-legit?

Beware of scams: the internet is crawling with cheats, and a lot of the survey sites out there are non-legit. What you risk is not being paid and having your personal data published everywhere or given to who-knows-who. Selecting legit, trustworthy, dependable survey websites is key, and it’s not at all hard: all you have to do is read the fine print, and find out who the company is and what it stems from. And we’ve done that for you!

Intellizoom, a ‘rocking’ survey panel

Sound. Honest. 100% safe and reliable. The Intellizoom panel is the participant community of a famed UX insights company, UserZoom, renowned worldwide for its immaculate record and amazing client portfolio. Eager for more about UserZoom? Learn more here

How Intellizoom works

Sign up, enter your personal info, and you will be asked to take a “practice test”, i.e. try taking a survey. The panel, in fact, needs to check if your laptop, tablet or smartphone are suitable, and ascertain whether they properly record your voice, face, and screen. Meantime, you get to become familiar with the process. Then, the Intellizoom team reviews and approves your test and, the next thing you know you receive an invitation email every time a new survey becomes available. 

Fringe benefit? You never have to, you just do it if and when you want to. Freedom is the word!

Intellizoom payments

Intellizoom pays via PayPal, the most dependable and safest means of payment worldwide, and the amounts are always clearly stated in the invitations you receive.

Curious to know more? Click here for more about Intellizoom and best practices when taking the studies

Watch these videos for an authentic insider’s view: 


Merry Christmas dear Studentsville readers! Have fun, enjoy, celebrate and make sure you register as an Intellizoom participant: it’s the win-win solution for making extra cash for the holidays!


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