You’ve finally made it, you’re on your way to visit Italy and you can’t wait to see all the amazing scenery, all the nature, the panoramas, the vistas and all the postcard scenes you have plastered in your mind. Now some of them are scenes you won’t be able to see in a classic tour, even though the tour vistas are no less amazing, but you’ll need to get yourself in a car and zoom across the country to find them. So you can go down two ways the first you can look for a car hire Italy and have someone take you around, or second you can look for some car rental Italy and fully enjoy Italy by car

Find apartments for rent in Italy

car rental italy

Renting a car in Italy as an American

One of the most frequent questions as an American would be what do I need to know when I rent in Italy, so here is some car rental Italy advice, first of all, I’m pretty sure you know that you can rent from all the major car rentals in the business. Two things are pretty important when renting your car: 1 always get driving insurance, because you’re covered and you won’t risk any excessive costs if something happens. 2 Apply for an IDP, it’s 15 bucks and this way you won’t risk any police finding an excuse to fine you.

What do you need to rent a car in Italy?

As I stated in the last paragraph to rent from hertz Italy you’ll need insurance, and that’s the most important thing, after a driving license. Keep in mind that to use a car rental Italy service you need to be at least 18, and if you are under 25 you’ll have to pay an extra insurance fee. A good thing to do prior to going is to find out how much you’ll pay and the prices in Italy. You can do that by simply going on any car rental service website, and once on them make sure to be on your local server, because if you aren’t you might find yourself with a different price. Another great place to check would be the Kayak car rental page cause there you’ll find a great amount of cheap car rental Italy so you’ll find the machine (car in Italian) you need.

Driving in Italy Tips

So let’s say you want to find yourself a fiat 500 rental Italy and you get a chance to drive one, what are you going to do when you realize that it’s a stick shift. Cause all vintage cars in Italy are stick shift, don’t worry though cause Italy is also the cheapest country to rent an automatic car, so don’t freak.

Keep in mind that streets in Italy are a lot smaller than those back home, so when renting a car don’t go for the biggest one you find, cause it’ll only be a hassle for you.

There is another pretty important thing that has to do more with the actual driving in Italy, keep in mind that turning on red is a NONO, I’m gonna say that again TURNING ON RED IS A NONO.

Now after all of this let’s give you a list of where you can find car rentals in Italy

Car rental Florence Italy

You’ll find:Hertz Florence Italy locations, hertz car rental Italy.

Car rental Siena Italy

Car rental Rome Italy

Car rental Venice Italy

Car rental Milan Italy

Car rental Naples Italy

Car rental Sorrento Italy



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