Florence 4th december

Yesterday is finished the fifth edition of the Florence Queer Festival, an international review of cinema and art on the lesbian, gay and trasgender issues. From the 11th november   to the 3rd dicember at the Odeon Cinema we could see more than thirty films (sometimes in European preview) to open our minds to a topic more relevant that ever.
Very interesting the retrospective about Rosa Von Praunheim, one of the most important exponent of the german gay culture, finished with the projection of “Can I be your Bratwurst, Please?” (USA, 1999), a little erotic comedy about cannibalism, starring Jeff Stryker, legendary pornstar of the ’70.

Hilarious the gay parody about telenovelas, called ironically “Tlenovelas”, an Italian production, and beautiful the movie that follows, “Drool” (USA, 2009), a tragic-comic family history, where the father is a frustrated man who beats wife and children and the bride finds a randsom killed him by mistake (but not regret it) and falling in love with a black woman.
Then sold out and goodbye at the next edition!

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Article by Chiara Ermini



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