One of the pearls of Italy, the Floating City, the Serenissima, the Queen of the Adriatic, I mean if you don’t know what we’re talking about by now why are you still thinking about coming to Italy to complete your studies? (jk) Venezia!

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best time to visit Venice

Best Month to visit Venice

When to visit Venice? We thought to ourselves, why not give a little advice post on when is the best time to visit Venice Italy cause really everyone wants to go, but if you don’t know the weather, the crowds, the temperature, and the events happening, how are you going to organise your trip and know what is the best month to visit Venice, I mean this only has to do with tourists, but if you’re studying you can get a good understanding on what to pack if you’re going to Venice in September or Venice in November.

Best time to visit Venice Italy

So enough of the intro let’s look at when is the best time to visit Venice Italy.

Based upon what you’re into seeing and how much you like crowds, Venice has a fair number of different times to visit. So, what would be the best time of the year to visit Venice Italy? Most people say that the best time to visit would be from September to November, this is based upon the idea that you have less tourism, and hotel rates are also quite low, this is because it’s considered to be low season. The only downside of this period would be the fact that you have to pack some pretty high rain boots, cause Acqua Alta is a standard of this period of the year. Acqua Alta means that the water levels rise in the city, making all those nice canals, not so fun anymore, but hey I mean it’s an experience so why not? So what to do in Venice Italy when it rains? Well, enjoy the city with your wellies and think about all the News Reports you might be in, cause it’s a pretty big topic in the country when Venice has Acqua Alta.

Let’s think about what would be the best time to visit Venice Italy with a list of the main events that take place in the city all year long.

Venice International Film Festival (August to September)

Regata Storica (September)

Venice Marathon (October)

Festa della Madonna della Salute (November)

La Biennale di Venezia (May to November)

Venice Carnival (February to March)

Vogalonga (May)

So, if you feel like visiting Venice in December you won’t see any events, but you’ll have the opportunity to see the city dressed up for Christmas so I’m sure you’ll love it nonetheless, cause it’s a beautiful city all year round. Just remember that it’s gonna be cold in those days, we’re talking about 33F-45F (1C-7C) so pack up warm and layer up. Opposite to that if you decide to go in June or July, you’ll feel that the temperature in Venice in June and the temperature in Venice in July is a bit more forgiving but being a lagoon, you’ll find yourself engulfed in some pretty nasty odors.

Venice to do September

In September you’ll get a chance to cross eyes with some of the worlds most important celebrities with the end of the Venice Film Festival. But what happens if you’re coming in a bit too late to enjoy the amenities of the Venice Film Festival? Well that’s when the most important Regata happens in Italy, maybe in Europe actually. You’ll be able to see some of the best sailing teams pass in front of the beautiful city of Venice.

Venice things to do October

So, as you could see in the list of events, in October you’ll be able to run a Marathon, or just enjoy the scenes of people running one. I mean it’s not my cup of tea, but hey the world is vast and people like a whole variety of things.

The cheese is strong with this one

What to do in Venice when it’s hot

That’s a great question, cause the city doesn’t tend to get a bit muggy in the Summer. So my advice would be go to the Venice Lido, and relax in the once star studded beach. It’s where all the celebrities would go and relax during the first editions of the Venice Film Festival. Today there is a public beach where you can enjoy the Lido for free, and if you want you can rent some beach comforts like parasols and sun beds.

Visit Venice the complete Guide

That’s all you really need to know about when to visit Venice. Want to know more? Here our Venice city guide about Studying, Traveling and Living in Venice with best things to do in Venice, best places to eat in Venice and much more! So all you have to do now is find the apartment in Venice that suits you with us at StudentsVille.


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