Best paid research surveys apps

 Looking for a little extra income to spend on your summer holidays? Paid survey apps are the answer to your prayers! After over one year of global pandemic, and consequent lockdowns, virtually everyone has become aware that there are, indeed, a variety of websites you can make money on with paid research surveys.

Why one can make money testing websites

Why do websites you can make money on and paid survey apps exist? Because companies need to know what the man-in-the-street thinks and likes, to create products – namely apps and websites – that people will appreciate and thus choose. And how do you get to know what people feel and fancy? You ask them!

Apps to make money on the hip summer option

So yes, one can easily make money testing websites, and thus give companies precious feedback on their products. But, truth be told, continuously logging onto online surveys can be tiresome and annoying now that we can all spend more time out of doors and with friends and family. 
Paid survey apps are fabulous because all you need to do is download them. Your preferred paid survey apps will then notify you when a new questionnaire is published, and you can do the job wherever you are and whenever convenient. Paid research surveys are cool, practical and definitely hip!

Paid research surveys apps – watch out for the frauds

Swindlers are everywhere, and the internet is certainly not fraud-free. You really need to select the best paid survey apps carefully to avoid downloading unsafe tools and giving your personal information to unreliable companies.

How to find the best paid survey apps

Where and how can one source the best and safest paid survey apps? Well, reliability is definitely key, and largely depends on what company releases the app. Reputation, size of the company and whom it caters to are essential elements you want to keep in mind.

UserZoom, a trustworthy platform

I always feel elated when I find out that honest, dependable online companies do, in fact, exist. UserZoom, for instance, the stellar User Experience (UX) insights company that assists businesses in their endeavor to create finely appointed user-friendly digital products.

Providing world-class solutions that enable companies of all kinds and sizes to scale their UX research, UserZoom is a 100% trustworthy, aboveboard, legit website. 

About UserZoom 

Basically, UserZoom is an all-round all-in-one user testing and feedback platform that helps app, website and software developers and website owners gain the quantitative and qualitative insights they need to evaluate, and enhance, the digital experience. Specialized in UX research and committed to its clients’ success, UserZoom expedites the collection of user feedback and insights via surveys, usability testing, audio and video feedback, and provides businesses with actionable tools for informative architecture research, participant sourcing, usability benchmarking, dashboard creation, and much more.

Boasting an outstanding client portfolio that includes leading world corporations and titans such as Google, Oracle, Aetna, Santander and News UK UserZoom is definitely a company one can trust.

UserZoom surveys

Surveys, one of the most strategic features of the UserZoom platform, are conducted via the IntelliZoom Panel, the participant community of UserZoom, and through the cutting-edge UserZoom Surveys Tool, definitely one of the very best paid survey apps available out there.

UserZoom Surveys Tool the best paid survey app

Simple to download (here are the Apple Store and Google Play links), straightforward and wonderfully designed, the UserZoom Surveys Tool allows you to complete surveys and partake in studies easily from your mobile phone. All you need to do is register to UserZoom and download the app, and when a survey is released you will receive an email invitation. Simply click on the link, take the study, and before you know it your money will be on PayPal!

Safe, flawless, quick-paying and easy to use on the bus, on the beach or even… waiting for the barbecue to be ready. 

UserZoom mobile surveys are a great way to make some extra cash this summer!

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