Alchimia is a school of contemporary jewellery and design in Florence, Italy, based in Oltrarno, Florence’s historic artisan district. The school’s philosophy is to provide students an innovative lab of creative thought, rooted in a deep understanding of traditional goldsmith techniques.

In courses offered from beginning to advanced levels, students develop strong technical skills guided by a capacity to elaborate artistic concepts and their own creative language. This teaching method, fine tuned over the past twelve years and focused on the students and their individual nature, has produced results of a very high quality, with peaks of excellence made evident by many international prized acknowledgements.

For Example:

Basic Jewellery 1 – First year:
First year students begin their studies by learning the basic techniques necessary for creating jewellery. Our teachers guide through both this training and the design process in a way that allows students a gradual technical and creative development.
The main goal of this course is to equip students with confidence in the fundamentals of jewellery making, which contribute to the design and subsequent creation of jeweller.

Subjects: basic jewellery techniques, design and rendering, technology, wax modeling, engraving.

Teachers: workshop and wax modelling: Orsetta Andreotti design and rendering : Lucia Massei engraving: Daniela Boieri

Admission Requirements:  No exams are required for admission to this course /Maximum enrollment is 12 students.

Gallery and A review of 2010/2011

All the courses

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