Located at the Ducati factory headquarters, the 1,000 sq/mt Ducati Museum highlights 50 years of racetrack heritage. The Ducati Museum opened on June 12, 1998, during the first annual WDW (World Ducati Week), and was officially inaugurated on October 16th later that year.

The Museum has preserved over half a century of Ducati racing history and also the history of the company (before it produced motorcycles) founded by the Ducati brothers in 1926. From the popular post-World War II “Cucciolo” to the more recent breakthrough with the Desmosedici, the museum highlights 50 years of Ducati technological innovation, award-winning design and, above all, exceptional racetrack performance.

The museum is arranged around an illuminated racetrack that hosts 33 legendary motorcycles with a special spectator area housed in a gigantic red helmet. Adjacent to the track is a set of seven thematically organized rooms, prepared by Marco Montemaggi (the first Director of the Museum) and later by Livio Lodi, current Curator of the Museum, which provide more detailed information on each of the museum’s sections.

As well as containing display panels that describe the most representative models, each room tells a part of the Ducati story in greater detail with specially written essays by international motorcycle journalists. This layout highlights the history and emotions that have built Ducati into a success.“It is a true product of our time”, says Livio Lodi “through which older generations of Ducatisti can relive the splendor of an age that seems to have disappeared, while the younger generations can discover the importance of Ducati’s vast and rich history.

“Finally, a huge dream has come true for all of those who love the ‘red’ of Borgo Panigale.”

“Like engineer Taglioni – the famed Ducati legend who was the first to apply Desmodromics to our engines – I’ve always believed that a Ducati museum would be an essential element in communicating our history. I think that with the Museo Ducati, we have been successful in obtaining that goal,” says Federico Minoli, the former President and CEO of Ducati.

The planning and design of the museum were entrusted to architects Pietrogrande and Martera with Studio Associates, and construction was carried out by ICET.


Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A., via Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, 3, 40132 Bologna Google Maps

Train and from the station you can take a taxi ( 15 minutes about 13 euros ) or bus service

Ducati Museum and Factory are open for guided tours only upon reservation:

  • From Monday to Friday: first tour at 11.00am – second tour 4.00pm
  • Saturday: the Museum is open from 9.30am to 1.00pm. Museum guided tours are available only upon reservation. Factory visits are reserved only to Official Ducati Club (DOC) with advance booking.
  • Sunday: closed

Costs: Entrance and visits are free of charge.

Languages: Tours are in Italian and English.

Estimated time for the visit : 1 day

credits : Ducati.com


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