How to scratch your travel itch? Plan a trip to Italy!

Buongiorno dear Studentsville blog readers, how’s your travel itch? Getting quite dreadful, I suppose, after almost two years of pandemic-related restrictions, lockdowns, and impediments. We’re all craving some carefree time… a great many globetrotters have spent the last 20+ months trying to feed their longing for new sights and novel adventures by watching destination videos, sharing daydreams with fellow voyagers, and reading travel books. 

Let’s start planning your trip to Italy

Starved for beauty and excitement? Well, it is now time to plan your next adventure. Where to? Why to Italy, of course, the only country in the world that offers cultural magnificence, extraordinary nature, luscious food, and heavenly wines all in one and enhanced by a pleasant climate and innately welcoming local population. 

Siete pronti? Andiamo! (i.e. are you ready? Let’s go!)

But… make sure you know the facts on the Visa requirements for Italy first!

First and foremost: check your traveling requirements

Do you need a Visa, or another kind of authorization to travel to Italy? Savvy travelers know that being well aware of what documents/permits one needs to access a country’s boundaries is vital, and understanding the requirements allows you to process the paperwork in a timely fashion. 

Do you need a Visa to travel to Italy?

As of today, everything is pretty much common knowledge. In fact, there are a lot of countries, precisely 63 – among which the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan – whose citizens are not required to obtain a Schengen Visa, provided, as stated on the official Schengen Visa website, that the voyage is “for business or travel purposes, and for up to 90 days.” 

When does ETIAS go into effect? New rules coming up soon

The fact is that regulations are apt to change, actually, they currently are, but not many know about it. This is the reason why I decided to write this article: to provide our readers and all prospective travelers with crucial information on the new requirements for traveling to Italy. Travel requirements are being remodeled, and you need to be on top of it:  the new policies, specifically the ETIAS travel authorization, will be effective starting from November 2023. The European Union has postponed the launch of the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) to November 2023 and become mandatory by 2024.

What is ETIAS?

What is ETIAS? The acronym stands for “European Travel Information and Authorization System”, and it is a novel procedure, entirely electronic, created by the Schengen Area member countries to ensure security and safety for the area’s inhabitants and visitors. In a nutshell, ETIAS is an individual’s authorization to travel designed to decrease security control issues and increase safety within the EU borders by denying entry to potentially dangerous individuals. 

Do you need ETIAS to travel to Italy?

Yes, you probably do! Devised to ensure safety, this authorization necessarily includes the citizens of those countries which, up to yesterday, did not need a Visa to travel to Italy and other Schengen area countries. 

How to apply for ETIAS

I know, I know, it’s never good when you have to go through extra paperwork, I hate it with a passion! As of today, all we know about the ETIAS application is that it will probably be available online and not overly expensive… but that’s it. As for myself, when it comes to filing mandatory travel docs I’m always terrified I’ll get something wrong, like goof-up filling the form in, and that authorities in the country I visit will stop me saying there’s something amiss. 

The easy, stress-free way to get your ETIAS to Italy 

I’d always rather trust professionals when it comes to completing applications or submitting datasheets. It makes me feel much safer, and I suppose that is the case with a lot of you out there too, which is why I’m delighted to share some really great news with you: Byevisa, the global Visa application service used by thousands of globetrotters worldwide, can help you get your ETIAS to Italy!

Similar to the ESTA in the US? Yes, exactly!

American readers will already have noticed how similar ESTIA, and its goals, sound to the ESTA protocols used in the United States. Indeed, it is, and it is aimed at performing much the same function.

ETIAS increases safety and reduces waiting time

Once issued, the ETIAS authorization will be valid for 3 years, during which one can enter the Schengen Area countries multiple times and stay for up to 90 days per 180-day period (i.e. one can even visit for up to 3 months every 6 months time). 

All in all, this authorization is bound to help the Schengen Area countries detect, intercept, and hopefully prevent, criminal attempts and/or unlawful conduct, make bureaucratic procedures smoother, and reduce waiting time while traveling too.

Need an ETIAS to visit Italy? Have Byevisa do it!

Concerned about the upcoming Visa requirements for Italy and the new ETIAS travel authorization? Don’t be, just contact Byevisa, and they’ll file it for you! Simple, straightforward, and no-nonsense: all you need to do is visit the Byevisa dedicated page and go through a few simple steps.

How to apply for your ETIAS Visa

Firstly, read through the application process, you’ll see it will take no more than 5 minutes because the Byevisa website works perfectly, is definitely user-friendly, and even offers different processing options to help if you’re in a hurry! 

What information you will require to obtain your ETIAS

Basically, all the relevant info on your passport and a few other personal details. 

You can see a full list of what you’ll need to include on the Byevisa Forms and Documents page, or learn more about the ETIAS travel authorization on the FAQ page. 

Finding your dream Italian destination

Finally, you will need to choose your destination. To do so, focus on what kind of experience you’re looking for, and select your Italian destination, and accommodation, accordingly. For instance: Florence, Venice or Rome for art and architecture, the Tuscan hills and/or Emilia-Romagna for food and wine, the Dolomites for skiing addicts, the Amalfi Coast or Apulia for seaside bliss

(Make sure you keep me posted: I want to know all about your trip to Italy!!!)


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