3 amazing advantages of learning a language online 

Wishing you could spread your wings and fly away, across the sea, learn a new language, and meet fabulous people? Me too! 

Fall cravings

I guess it’s in the air. Summer vacations are over, we’re all going back to our daily routines, and the crisp breezes and fascinating lights of fall bring on a desire for novelties and new beginnings. But one can’t always ditch one’s responsibilities and wander off to be a globetrotter. Work, study, family, commitments, and, last but definitely not least, budget concerns can make you feel trapped and “stuck”. Luckily… we’ve got the internet!

Beat the blues online!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to suggest you spend your free time cruising the web, watching videos of places you can’t travel to, or reading blogs written by those who actually are traveling. What I’m saying is that you can use the big wide web to broaden your horizons, open your mind and make new friends. How? By taking an online language course!

Why learning a foreign language makes you a better, happier person

Hear me out: there is no better way to beat the blues, feed your cravings for new stimuli and become a happier, more confident person than learning a foreign language. Why? Because it allows you to exercise your brain and prove to yourself that you can tackle it. Plus mastering a different vocabulary, set of expressions and idioms means gaining insight into a different culture, and learning about the traditions and heritage of one, or more, other countries. And, once you’ve learned a foreign language it’s there to stay, and your current, or future, employers are sure to notice. Chances are you’ll have the credentials you need to get a better job or a raise.

Enjoyable, engaging, and exciting

Above all, learning a foreign language is challenging, fascinating, and, provided you have the right teachers, incredibly fun. (Plus, come vacation time, you’ll be even more inspired to travel, practice what you’ve learned, and meet a bunch of fabulous new people!)

Is taking an online language course plan B? 

The main pros of foreign language learning are widely known, but what about online language courses? Are they just a fallback, an alternative “contingency plan” one can recur to? As it turns out, they aren’t: online language courses provide 3 amazing benefits you might never have thought about.

learn italian in italy
On the shores of Lake Massaciuccoli in Torre Del Lago Puccini Italy Tuscany

3 surprisingly extraordinary advantages of online language learning

1 – You can learn from excellent teachers who are native speakers

If you can’t just pack and move abroad for, say, 1 year to study a foreign language, online language courses are the only way you can get the best teaching quality, and mother tongue teachers. Learning from a native speaker is invaluable: not only does it allow you to master the pronunciation and wording to perfection, but it provides a much more inspiring and interesting experience.

2 – It’s budget-friendly

Whatever the language and course you choose, taking an online language course will always be more cost-effective than traveling, finding housing, and paying for a school abroad. 

3 – You’re the one to choose where and when 

Meaning: you can choose which, and how many days of the week (or weekend) you spend “in class”, and you can attend the course wherever: at home, in the office, or your study hall.  Having this kind of freedom is a priceless luxury if you’re a full-time student or employee. 

What language to learn

Ok, so learning a foreign language online offers great benefits. But what language should you choose? If you’re looking at learning a language for a specific reason (i.e. business opportunities or travel purposes) you already know. But if you don’t, I suggest you focus on what kind of experience you’re looking for: some languages offer far more in terms of overall personal growth and cultural insight. 

Why choose Italian 

Repeat after me: 

abbracciami /ab?r?at???am?/ (= hug me)

chiaccheriamo / kjak?eri?amo/ (= let’s have a chat)

dolcissimo /dolt???is?simo/ (= very sweet)

Now you tell me: is there any other language as musical, poetic, and as capable of expressing emotion as Italian? No. Italian is the language of opera, poetry, and literary masterpieces. It’s also the language of art, food, love, and la Dolce Vita. If you’re looking for a soul-pleasing, rewarding, and inspirational learning experience that can change your life, learn Italian.

Where to find an excellent online Italian language course

There’s another great reason to learn Italian online, and that is that a preeminent and high-ranking language school based in Milan offers top-notch Italian language courses online. I’m talking about Il Centro Il Centro – Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana per Stranieri (i.e. “Center of Italian language and culture for foreigners”). 

About Il Centro

Located in Milan’s fascinating Brera neighborhood, the school was established some 35 years ago by a group of committed teachers to supply students from all over the world with an enjoyable learning experience. What makes Il Centro different? The teaching method, called the communicative humanistic approach, and the leading-edge learning materials that are used in the classes. These include videos, real-life enactments, and a variety of other engaging activities devised to allow each student to express her/himself at best and learn quickly and effectively. Learn more about the teaching method here.

Il Centro’s online language courses are at once fun and effective

It comes as no surprise that Il Centro’s online language courses are extremely well-designed, original, and, yes, entertaining too: the school’s faculty has been specializing in crafting one-of-a-kind custom-designed teaching materials and activities for 35+ years… they’re pros! 

What you’ll find in your Il Centro virtual classroom

  1. A native Italian language teacher. Charismatic, friendly, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable, Il Centro teachers are all about focusing on each and every student’s specific needs and distinctive talents.
  2. A live videoconference via a premium version of Zoom (which you’ll have access to free of charge once you’ve enrolled)
  3. An interactive whiteboard designed to help you understand, and master the perks of l’italiano, by seeing/reading texts, drawings and images firsthand.
  4. Pioneering audio and video materials to practice comprehension, grammar, and pronunciation.
  5. A small group of fellow students from all over the world, or, if you’d rather take an individual course, just your teacher.
  6. Fun linguistic games, quizzes, and grammar and vocabulary exercises that you will share with your fellow students working in pairs or small groups.
learn italian in italy
Bruschetta with tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese on wooden board. Traditional italian appetizer or snack, antipasto

A wide range of different courses

Last, but by no means least, you’ll find an incredible variety of courses. Options range from standard group courses scheduled for 5 or 3 or even just 2 days a week, to weekend courses, individual classes, and business Italian classes. It’s entirely up to you to choose what study program is best for you. See all options and details here.

Try it for free!

Curious? Wondering whether it would work for you? All you need to do is try… it’s free of charge! Il Centro provides you with the opportunity to see what your classes would be like for free: just fill in the form and register for the trial class!


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