Evocative cupolas, sun-drenched piazzas and cobble-paved streets redolent with ancient legends. Glorious frescoes that recount intriguing sagas, and exquisitely chiseled marble statues that seem to beckon to you wherever you turn… 

A habitat like no other

A marvelous hallucination? Oh no, this is what students who choose to take art history courses in Florence, Italy see every day! The same is true for those who set off from overseas to learn Italian in 3 weeks: they hit the road aiming to embark on a language-learning journey and end up living a cultural adventure that is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Why studying abroad is important

Beauty and vistas aside, all those who have studied or worked in foreign lands agree that spending a semester or year abroad is a uniquely uplifting opportunity. Whether you resolve to study in Florence, Italy, or temporarily relocate to Bangkok or Japan, you will have to get out of your comfort zone, hence becoming more adaptable.

Travel + study abroad = moving forward

Learning to cope with daily tasks in a foreign country, while coming to terms with different sets of values and getting the knack of the native tongue, allows students to become more resilient. It is, all in all, a broadening developmental experience that increases self-confidence and, experts say, enhances creativity. Studying abroad expands your intellectual abilities, especially those that employers and human resource specialists call “transversal skills”, hence, in the medium and long-term, it leads to better job opportunities, and higher salaries.

No two destinations are alike (so make sure you choose properly!)

While this is true wherever you choose to go, there are places in the world that offer more than others in terms of individual growth. A place’s history and cultural heritage determine how much you’ll evolve when exposed to them. What I mean is that while you’re sure to mature even just by going off to the neighboring town or state, it will be nothing like studying in Florence Italy for a couple of months.

learn italian in florence

Why study in Florence Italy

Looking for cultural enlightenment? Longing to learn Italian in 3 weeks? Seeking a life-changing study experience abroad? No country in the world can hold a candle to Italy, and its amazing artistic and cultural legacy, but studying in Florence provides more advantages than all other cities. 

4 reasons why Florence is your best bet

Romantic, friendly, and…. oh so much more! Here are the 4 top reasons why you should study in Florence, Italy:

  1. it’s marvelously located. Smack in the very center of Italy, and provided with a train station and airport. Say you’re taking an art history course in Florence Italy, and classes end at 5.00 PM. Hop on a train at 6.00 PM, and you’ll be in Rome by 7.30, or in Milan by 8.00. Or, grab a last-minute flight on Friday and spend the weekend in Paris. How cool is that?!
  2. it’s a perfect size: not too widespread, nor too cramped. If you study in Florence, Italy, you can walk, or bike, virtually everywhere!
  3. it feeds your taste for beauty. Studying in Florence Italy means you can spend your free time exploring the UNESCO-listed city center, visiting the Accademia, home to Michelangelo’s David, and the Uffizi Gallery, filled with marvels crafted by Botticelli, Leonardo and others.
  4. it hosts an amazing school, Centro Machiavelli, an academic institution that specializes in Italian language and culture-related courses. Established in 1978 by a group of devoted language teachers, Centro Machiavelli is a vibrant educational hub that offers comprehensive learning experiences in all that concerns Italian culture, art, crafts and language.

Read all about Centro Machiavelli 

And gain more insight by browsing through former students’ reviews!

Learn Italian in 3 weeks at Centro Machiavelli 

Yes, you can, thanks to a brand-new pioneering teaching method! At Centro Machiavelli the teachers don’t limit themselves to providing run-of-the-house language lessons and grammar instructions. Committed to enabling their pupils to dive straight into the musicality and beauty of the Italian tongue, they employ an innovative approach known as the communicative learning method. Aimed at providing an interactive learning experience from the very start, it is at once incredibly time-effective – that’s why you can actually learn Italian in 3 weeks – and extremely enjoyable. 

Wondering what it implies? See all details (and good pics!) here, you’re bound to be impressed https://www.centromachiavelli.it/en/method-learn-italian.php

Amazing art history courses in Florence Italy

Centro Machiavelli definitely stands out among other schools that cater to foreign students because, alongside the variety of language courses, it also offers a stunning selection of culture-focused courses, classes and activities, and internships within local companies. 

Options include Florentine typical crafts, such as restoration and mosaics, fashion, jewelry design and ceramics, as well as a vast range of art history courses in Florence Italy. 

“Storia dell’arte” in the Cradle of the Renaissance

Have you been forever dreaming about Botticelli, Michelangelo and Raphael? Well, the range of art history courses provided for by Centro Machiavelli is such that students on the lookout for good art history courses in Florence Italy often feel spoiled for choice! 

Endeavoring to provide attendees with a full and enlightening educational experience, Centro Machiavelli’s courses are divided into 10-hour cycles focused on specific periods. Each cycle lasts from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of 1 month, so pupils typically choose to stay on for a semester and discover it all: from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance and onto the Cinquecento and Mannerism. 

Attendees end up enjoying much more than a simple art history course in Florence Italy: they are able to experience a simply magnificent immersion into centuries of artistic genius!

Plus, there is a 2-hour introductory lesson designed for students that have had no previous art history experiences, and a selection of captivating themed courses which comprise beguiling topics such as “Potions and poisons, alchemy and art in Florence of the past”, and “The Medici Family”!

See schedules and details on the different art history courses here.

Be inspired by Florentine art, sculpt your life into something new, original and stupendous, enroll in an art history course in Florence Italy today.


Learn Italian in 3 weeks attending a language course at Centro Machiavelli https://www.centromachiavelli.it/en/registration-italian-course.php


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