Best New Year’s resolution for 2022: Italian language immersion in Italy

  1. Get more exercise.
  2. Join a volunteer organization.
  3. Call mother more often.
  4. Go on an Italian language immersion in Italy

Happy New Year, Studentsville blog readers!!! I hope you had a lovely holiday season, and wish you all a sparkling year 2022!
By the way… have you written your resolution list?
A lot of people do, every year. I think that focusing on one’s aspirations, and committing, is a good way to start. Provided the goals you set yourself are actually achievable and aimed at self-improvement.

Italian language immersion in Italy – a happy resolution for a gratifying New Year

Your resolutions need to be happy. What I mean is that I should start with “I will”, or “I want”, rather than with “I won’t”. Positive thinking is key: what we’re looking for is happiness and fulfillment, not penance. Well then, aside from vital issues such as taking good care of yourself and of those you love, what should be on your list of priorities for 2022?

What is the one single thing you can do to enhance your happiness, gain perspective, hone your professional abilities, expand your views and nourish your brain? Learn a foreign language! Looking for specific advice? Enroll in a study program abroad, like an Italian language immersion in Italy!

The more, the merrier

This is undoubtedly true when it comes to parties (ha!) and languages. Knowing more languages makes traveling easier, and means meeting, and being able to talk with, more different people. Plus, studies show that those who speak more than one language are capable of switching from one mindset to another, have better memory, and an enhanced ability to connect.

Learning a new language also boosts your confidence, increases problem-solving skills, and allows you to gain insight into different cultures. The bottom line? Learn a foreign language and you’ll be happier, find better jobs, and meet a lot of fabulously different people (with whom to party!).

Why choose l’italiano

Ok, so we’ve agreed that learning a foreign language is the no.1 New Year’s resolution for 2022, but… what language to choose? The language of love and art, poetry and music, Michelangelo, Pavarotti, and Sophia Loren. Italian of course! No language in the world is quite as dramatic, heartwarming, and spontaneous as Italian. Furthermore, Italian is amongst the Top 6 most studied languages in the world, with something like 10 billion learners all around the world.

What’s the best place to begin studying the Italian language?

Choosing to study the Italian language in Florence, for instance, means gaining privileged insight into centuries of breathtaking artistic genius and spending time in one of the world’s most marvelous cities!

Italian language immersion in Italy – immersive learning is the best way to learn

Why travel all the way to Italy and study the Italian language in Florence, instead of just enrolling in a class in your own country? Because an Italian language immersion in Italy is a 100% successful learning experience! Teachers and researchers worldwide agree that study programs that imply being completely “wrapped-up” in the language for a certain period of time have an edge over all other methods. In a nutshell, language immersion programs, Italian language immersion in Italy in this case, help you learn the language quickly and perfectly and even improve your overall cognitive flexibility.

Practice makes your Italian perfect

Constant practice is the best possible route to mastering a new skill, and language immersion leads to just that, simply because day in and day out you’re surrounded by people speaking the language you’re studying. This makes for countless opportunities to exercise your abilities, and gain quickness and readiness. Italian Language immersion in Italy also means learning phrases and expressions that you would hardly find in a textbook, remembering words, and mastering key issues such as grammar and manners of speech, virtually without effort.

You hear it, listen, and repeat… and it suddenly becomes part of who you are!

Study the Italian language in Florence and become a whiz

Why choose Florence for your study program abroad? Because of the world-class art, astounding architecture, stirring views, and pleasurable lifestyle. Not to mention the fabulous food, agreeable climate, and friendly people. Florence has it all: sights, mostly within walking distance one from another, fun, and a lot of sun-kissed days. But, above all, Florence houses a wonderful school, the perfect one for your Italian Language immersion in Italy: Centro Machiavelli.

Renowned worldwide for its remarkable credentials, among which the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, and the leading role it plays in EC-funded training and education projects, Centro Machiavelli is more than an Italian language school. With its wide range of private and group language courses and variety of culture-focused classes and activities, it is an outstanding forward-thinking educational hub.

About Centro Machiavelli, your best choice for an Italian Language immersion in Italy

Established some 40 years ago by a team of zealous teachers, Centro Machiavelli has been delivering far-reaching learning experiences to thousands of students, providing them with firsthand experiential local knowledge, alongside sound and substantial groundwork as regards the Italian language.

Wondering how the Italian language immersion in Italy courses are planned? Check out details here

Methods and a vocation for teaching Italian to foreigners. Happily

If practice makes perfect, the method is key. The teaching technique, a combination of methods called the “communicative approach”, and the overall attitude of Centro Machiavelli’s teachers is nothing short of exceptional.

Alongside using leading-edge methods that allow students to start reading, talking, and writing in Italian from the very first stages of the courses, the faculty and staff burn the midnight oil to provide attendees with ways to fulfill their dreams and follow their aspirations. Students’ comfort, happiness, education, and well-being are the school’s vocation, hence the classrooms and study halls are cheerful, merry, relaxed places where learning takes place naturally and proceeds speedily.

Any questions? Contact the faculty, they’ll be delighted to hear from you!

To top it all off, Centro Machiavelli has just moved into wow premises: an amazing noble palace in the heart of town, minutes from the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio and other main sights, with brand-new classrooms and a (fabulous) terrace overlooking the Arno river… a superb spot to study the Italian language in Florence!

New Year resolution n.1? Enroll in Centro Machiavelli’s Italian language courses!


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