How to learn Italian in 6 months? Just imagine what it would be like to journey through Italy, spending time in different cities and attending language classes in each. It would mean gaining authentic insight into the local culture, exploring the towns, and becoming versed in the language communicating with the inhabitants.

Traveling across Italy, living and taking classes in various lovely cities such as Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, Trieste and even Taormina, in Sicily… You’re probably thinking it’s just a lovely daydream. Actually, it’s a dream come true, thanks to the amazing Giro d’Italia study program designed by SI-STUDIARE.

Wondering how to learn Italian in 6 months without having to cram and burn the midnight oil? Giro d’Italia is the most fruitful and rewarding learning experience ever conceived!

How to learn Italian in 6 months

Step 1: choose immersive learning 

There’s no doubt about it: immersive learning is the only way to learn a foreign language well and in a relatively short period of time. All language teachers concur that those who choose to study a language in the country where it is spoken have a head start over everyone else. This is because students have the opportunity to practice constantly, becoming familiar with manners of speech, grammar and words easily while getting the full picture as regards the local habits, heritage, and customs. A beginner who decides to learn Italian in Florence in the summer, will reap the benefits of the city’s distinctive way of life: sunset strolls along the Arno river, day trips to the surrounding hillside, unforgettable visits to extraordinary museums, and so on.

Step 2: enroll in an excellent school 

A pleasant environment. Effective teaching techniques. Highly qualified teachers. Enrolling in a great school, i.e. one that offers all three of the above traits, is a must if you’re looking for how to learn Italian in 6 months. 

Yet, Italy is filled with language schools… how can one figure out which are really good? Reputation and qualifications are what you need to look at. But it takes a lot of careful research, and a lot of time, to compare data and qualifications… no worries, the Studentsville team did the comparing for you!

Seeking the best opportunities to master Italian, the world’s most evocative and melodious language? Well, read on, and see what we found for you!

How to learn Italian in 6 months? Centro Machiavelli and the Giro d’Italia!

After months of scouring the web, talking with former students and teachers, examining language courses and weighing the pros, cons, and prices, we finally found the best language school, and the most enriching educational experience, in Italy!

Learn Italian in Florence in summer at Centro Machiavelli

Splendidly located in downtown Florence, surrounded by awe-inspiring architecture and gorgeous views, Centro Machiavelli is, as of today, the most outstanding Italian language and culture school in Italy. Founded by a tight-knit crew of teachers in 1978 to meet the needs of all those wishing to learn Italian in Italy, over the years it has become a veritable polestar of academic excellence specialized in providing cultural experiences, alongside language courses. 

More about Centro Machiavelli

Looking to learn Italian in Florence in the summer? Well, this is the school for you! The variety and richness of the courses and classes offered by Centro Machiavelli is nothing short of dazzling. The language learning courses include both private and group classes, divided into semi-intensive, super-intensive and intensive courses available for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The culture-focused opportunities comprise activities, classes and internships too. 

Wondering what the courses look like? See details for the language classes here.

Intrigued by Italian arts and crafts? Click here and find your ideal course!

Great reputation and outstanding qualifications

Centro Machiavelli boasts world-class qualifications, including striking credentials like the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification and a 10+ year association with TANDEM® International. Actively involved in EC-funded education and training projects the school presents study programs that fully comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (C.E.F.R.). As for reputation, you can see for yourself: this is what former students say!

Giro d’Italia, a far-reaching educational experience you’ll never regret

Endeavoring to provide pupils with rewarding courses and conducive study programs that can enhance their lives, Centro Machiavelli created Giro d’Italia, a cutting-edge education program designed together with 4 other language schools located in Rome, Milan, Venice, Trieste, and Taormina. 

Meticulously planned and flawlessly managed, this pioneering study program allows students to learn Italian while visiting the country, enjoying the privilege of staying in 6 different cities: Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, Taormina and Trieste. One can choose how long to stay, and how many cities to live in during their stay, and Centro Machiavelli’s dedicated administrative staff will organize all travel details and even book trains! 

How to learn Italian in 6 months? Go to class, see the sights, chat with the Italians!

In each city, you will attend classes for 4 hours daily Monday through Friday, and participate in the cultural program available, which generally will include guided tours, workshops, walks, food&wine-focused experiences etc. Meantime, you’ll be partaking in the local social scene, liaising with the people, seeing the sights, and… perfecting your understanding and speaking skills every single minute!

Available to all students, from beginners to advanced, this amazingly innovative study program comprises 45-minute classes with a maximum of 10 attendees per class, ensuring engaging learning experiences and full safety.

Wondering how to learn Italian in 6 months? Seeking a good school to learn Italian in Florence during the summer? Centro Machiavelli and the Giro d’Italia program are the answer to your dreams!

how to learn italian in 6 months


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