One of the best gyms and how joining can change your life

The days are getting longer, and the sky above Florence is bright blue. The grass in the Boboli Gardens is getting greener too, and cheery forget-me-nots are popping up from the ground. 

It’s spring, the season of renewal and rebirth. And the perfect time to re-energize and prepare for summer!

Out with the old body, in with the new energies

Spring is the ideal moment for new beginnings, the right time to change your mindset and revitalize your body and soul. As the temperatures slowly rise, and you start seeing the swallows glide over the Arno river, the craving for novelties, fun, and added energy increases too. The best way to get it all, in one go? Joining a gym and working out!

Harness the energy of spring with a new gym program

Exercise is undoubtedly the very best way to get your energy back, shake the winter dullness away, and make the most of springtime. What kind of exercise you choose depends on you, on your preferences and on your overall shape, of course. But, whether you’re into cardio, weight lifting, or “soft” exercise plans, training in a gym is always your best bet

Why? For the following 3 reasons.

3 excellent reasons to join a gym

  1. You have pros available to help, advise, or teach you. This enables you to work out safely and fully, hone your exercise plan, avoid injuries, and make the most of your time.
  2. A good gym offers a variety of options. This means you can discover, and try, new types of exercise… you may join to lift weights and find yourself turning into a pilates superstar!
  3. You get to meet new people, of both sexes, in an informal, pleasant environment. 

Join a gym and tune in with the local lifestyle

The third reason, meeting new people, is especially important if you’re a foreign student studying abroad for a semester or a year. Being in a new city, in a new environment, can, in fact, make you feel displaced and uprooted. And, attending college courses or language classes, can mean you end up spending time with foreigners like yourself. Joining a gym allows you to connect with the locals, and make new friends among them. This enables you to get a better overall experience, partake in the local lifestyle and… become part of the Florentine family!

One of the best gyms in Florence: Evolution

Who to turn to for advice on what gym to choose? Locals, i.e. Florentines, know their way around and have the insight it takes to make a savvy decision, but a foreigner may be at a loss. Just read the Studentsville blog! As always, we’re here to help and advise you on local perks and opportunities. And this time, seeing as it is springtime, we decided to focus on Florence’s gyms and tell you about… Evolution, one of the Florence’s best gyms. 

Evolution is your chance to evolve into a happier, healthier person

The name itself is promising, right? Yes, it is: the founders and trainers of Evolution firmly believe that a good exercise program can help you evolve into a happier, healthier person. Exactly the person you want to be! But what sets Evolution apart from other Florence gyms? 

Evolution gym Florence
Evolution gym in Florence

5 (vital) features that make Evolution the finest gym in Florence

  1. Strategic location
  2. Fabulous premises, top-notch equipment
  3. Highly qualified English-speaking trainers
  4. Amazing variety of fitness classes 
  5. Les Mills™ 

Strategically located

Location is key, and all the more so if you’re a foreign student. You need to be able to get to the gym, and back, safely and hassle-free. Evolution is conveniently located in the pleasant San Jacopino neighborhood and can be conveniently reached by bus (served by 3 different routes) or taking the quick, comfortable tramway. Stress-free, worry-free, comfortable. Have a car? Evolution has a member-only private parking lot.

Fabulous premises

Spacious, perfectly rigged out, and outfitted with leading-edge equipment. Comprising a recently renovated 500 square meter weight room, state-of-the-art training rooms, a Spa area with a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and even an indoor bar, Evolution offers premises that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Still doubtful? Check it out yourself, take the Virtual Tour!

The Evo team: a crew like no other

Equipment and facilities aside, a great gym needs to offer exceptional quality training, and this implies having competent, experienced professional personnel. The Evolution team is truly remarkable: 12 highly qualified extremely proficient young trainers, each specialized in specific fields. And, very important for foreign attendees and not exactly common in Florence, Evolution trainers speak fluent English.

Evo courses: fitness classes for all needs

Aiming to meet the needs and expectations of a wide range of attendees, and providing each with the perfect intensity, type, and style of training, Evolution offers an amazingly diverse, and distinctive, selection of classes. You could decide to follow the vibrant rhythms of a music-enhanced signature Evo Cycling course, and lose yourself in a thrilling route of virtual hills, plains, and sprints. You could go with Yoga, to focus on breathing, posture and concentration, or choose to strengthen your core and deepest muscles with Pilates

Watch the Evo Yoga and Evo Pilates video!

Cycling addict? Check out Evolution’s signature Evo Cycling and Cyclex classes!

Or, you could decide to enroll in fun Step classes, take enticing Total Body courses… and much more! Evolution offers 100 hours of classes a week, and booking is mandatory: which means classes are never over-crowded and safety is guaranteed.

The Wellness area inside Evolution gym

Les Mills™ classes

Joining Evolution also means you can enjoy the privilege of attending the world’s most engaging, dynamic, and cutting-edge exercise programs. Yes, I’m talking about the dazzling Les Mills™ fitness classes, the energy-filled training sessions created in Auckland, New Zealand, and based on scientifically proven evidence. Crafted to deliver tangible results, the classes undergo constant reevaluation and honing: every 3 months they change to include brand-new variations, music, and exercises. 

(Were you worried about getting bored at the gym? Not going to happen!)

7 days a week, all-inclusive memberships

Last, but definitely not least, Evolution is open 7 days a week, holidays included. And, endeavoring to meet the unique needs of all fitness-fans, the gym provides a wide range of different membership solutions and an App via which you can easily and quickly book the classes you want to attend.

Take a look at the daily schedule (it’s updated in real-time, so you can always check availability) and contact the Evolution staff for costs and further information.

Plunge into springtime and make the most of your time in Florence: join the city’s best gym, Evolution!


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