Marco (the founder of studentsVille) and I had so much fun and ate so many courses at this heavenly, secret seafood spot in the historic center of Florence, that we shot over 1.5 hours of footage. After just a few short months ;), I have finally edited it down to 5.5 minutes, which throw the romantic, chic, tranquil atmosphere of this lovely restaurant and wine bar out the window.

However, the video does manage to convey the fun you can have fighting with the freshest lobsters in Tuscany, taking pictures of fabulous food,  gawking like a crazy person through the open window of the stainless steel kitchen, and scraping every last delectable morsel off your plate, at Gastone:

Go discover this restaurant before the other tourists do!

Gastone on

Via Matteo Palmieri 26/r
+39 0552638763
Open Mon-Sat, from 12-15:00 for lunch, and from 19-23:00 for dinner.


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