Came into being as for back as 1733 as a “fancy breads” shop in Via Calzaiuoli; it then gradually perfected some very special delicacies. Half way through the 19th century a new branch opened in Via degli Speziali, a cafè and pastry-shop which also servid absinths and choice sweet wine. In 1910 it was transferred to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (now Piazza Repubblica) where we still find it today after over 250 years.Cafè Gilli
For a refined personality, for those who know how to choose the best, for a unique fastry shop, rich in tradition, as an antique “Beer Factory“, appreciated both for its long-drinks and class, where for any special moment one can find that atmosphere t at only “Caffe Paszkowski” can create.
Located in the loveliest square in Florence, across from the historic Palazzo Vecchio, Rivoire is a synonym for chocolate. Originating in 1872 as a steam factory, today it offers its customers not only hot chocolate, but also aperitifs, cocktails, snacks, and a light lunch service at noon. There is also a selection of delicious home-made pastries, prominent among which are the famous marrons glaces. The artisan workmanship of chocolate containing a high percentage of cocoa guarantees a refined praline quality
The Ruggini Pastry Shop and Bar, which was founded in 1914 by Giuseppe Ruggini, began as a manufacturer of biscuits and fresh pastry. At present, in addition to the pastry made fresh daily, Ruggini has added a service of hot first courses for the convenience of its clients.
The premises have retained their sober wooden furnishings, which harmonise well with the central brick vault.

Article By Massimiliano Marzi


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