Do precious stones and glistening metals fill your dreams?

Have you been forever aimlessly sketching rings and bracelets on random pieces of paper? Are you so full of ideas that you think you’ll burst if you don’t find a way to express your creativity? 

Or are you simply longing for an enriching year of studies and experiences abroad, in a city, and a school, that can inspire you to find your path in life?

Whether your answer to any of the above is yes, whether you’ve always dreamt of attending a school that would help find your career, or whether you already know where you’re going but yearn for professional training that will teach you to use your imagination and turn it into something beautiful, you’re in for a wonderful surprise.

Yes, because applications for the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees, as well as for the One-Year and Intensive Courses and Workshops at Europe’s most prestigious and avant-garde contemporary jewellery school, the Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School are now open, and there are great options for scholarships too!

And… guess where this extraordinary school is located? In the heart of Florence, Italy, the cradle of the Renaissance, UNESCO Heritage site and the world’s most enlightening and inspiring city.

Just think: a town endowed with an unrivalled artistic legacy and centuries-old tradition in craftsmanship. An enchanting city center, where every site and commodity is within walking distance, that is a veritable open-air museum crammed with breathtaking masterpieces of all kinds and all eras, from Renaissance architecture to contemporary sculpture.

All these reasons (plus a lot of other quips such as the delicious cappuccino you can have on your way to class, but that’s another story altogether) make Florence the very best city on the planet to experience – rather than just “learn about” – art, and enhance your creative talent

City aside, however, it’s the school that makes the difference. And Alchimia does. Yes, because there are hundreds of more-or-less serious more-or-less instructive design schools and art schools that teach jewellery design. Hundreds in Italy, in Europe and everywhere else, for that matter.

So why is the Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School different?

Why is Alchimia worth your time?

First and foremost because it is one of the very few schools in the world dedicated and specialized in contemporary jewellery only, and the very first one in Italy to open, in 1998.

What does this mean for a student considering enrollment? It means that all the classes, courses, special events and so on you will attend at Alchimia will focus exclusively on contemporary jewellery and technique, and it means that all your teachers will be charismatic and proficient qualified professionals who will teach you passion and dedication. It means they will take time to get to know you, encourage you to express your views and ingenuity because they care about you and your future.

But it also means that the conversations you have with your fellow students, the moments you share with them, and even the very air you breathe in the classrooms, labs and external sites used by the school events will always be about, or related to, jewellery and Art.

In a nutshell? Your time, and money, is well spent because at Alchimia no one is going to drag you into a class that has nothing to do with what you came for.

Alchimia Jewellery School location and neighborhoods

But there’s more, much more.

The school’s location, in one Florence’s most picturesque neighborhoods, sets the scene for a unique and cutting-edge learning experience. San Frediano, in the charming Oltrarno district in downtown Florence, is where traditional workshops and quaint family-owned enterprises live on and thrive, often using the very same techniques used in the Renaissance for the wood and stone inlays, for their leather objects, etc.

Alchimia offers its students exactly what the Florentine ancient crafts masters once provided their apprentices with: comprehensive training that generates a future profession. Leonardo Da Vinci learned the tricks of the trade as a young man “a bottega”, meaning in a painter’s workshop, as did many other great artists of the past, and many savvy artisans still do today.

This, indeed, is what makes Alchimia’s BFA and MFA courses so exceptional, for their attendees. Both the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees offer carefully constructed, magnificently devised in-depth courses that provide far-reaching education and enlightening training that leads to real, solid, career opportunities.

Life, as we all well know, is all about having opportunities and the education and training to know how to use them purposefully.

And, in the specific case of Art jewellery, beautifully and successfully!

Well, Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence is all about providing the opportunity to reveal your potential, and the tools you need to create, design, invent and prosper in the manifold world of jewellery.

In detail Alchimia’s two-year BFA degree program in Contemporary Jewellery Design comprises a six-semester full immersion course in contemporary jewellery which blends practice and theory with a focus on the study and experimentation of different materials and technical methods.

Alchimia Jewellery School: courses, duration and costs

Attendees are encouraged to develop a personal artistic style, and once majored they can boast an all-round preparation in contemporary jewellery and cultural identity. Only twelve BFA students are admitted per year to guarantee personal attention and tutoring. The program starts with learning traditional techniques and skills used to construct and design jewellery and proceeds with classes based on new technologies and the creative use of resources, as well as special focus study trips in Florence and abroad. 

SEE details on duration and costs here.

Alchimia’s two-year Master of Fine Arts program aims to help attendees expand and deepen their overall knowledge and skills, and encourage them to single out their points of strength and acquire a personal creative language.

alchimia jewellery school florence

The course’s main objective is to make each student perfectly independent and resourceful as regards all aspects of the complex world of jewellery. Hence, classes focus both on research, creation, and production, and on networking, exhibiting and self-presentation, and relationship management with galleries and collectors.

SEE details on duration and costs here.

Applications for both the BFA and MFA courses for 2021-2022 are now open and available, and the fabulous thing is that Alchimia offers scholarships, especially targeted to attracting Italian nationals and Italian passport holders that live abroad.

As you can see here there are 2 amazing scholarships for the Master of Fine Arts and Cultural Identity available for Italian citizens. Both resident and non-resident Italian nationals holding Italian passports are very welcome to apply!

Another fabulous opportunity is the 10% discount available for resident and non-resident Italian nationals holding Italian passports. See it, and apply, here.

What is Alchimia’s endeavor, and final target? Allowing each student to find, and successfully pursue, his or her preferred career within the gleaming burnished, marvelous realm of contemporary jewellery.

There’s no day like today to start fulfilling your dreams…Click here to apply for a life-changing course at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence.

alchimia florence school
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