Piazza Santa Croce is an excellent example of a quintessential ‘Renaissance square‘, where perfect and impressive architectural geometry has been designed around the life of the community and its citizens. Here man is not dominated by the church and architecture but is, rather, at the center of the scene.

Piazza Santa Croce, almost all year long filled with hundreds of tourists, represents the natural landmark for all the area, either by day or by night. Due to the beauty of the piazza, its monuments and its main streets, Santa Croce is one of the major tourist centers of the town. It’s important nevertheless to point out that the district still conserves the antique atmosphere of the city, especially in the narrow, hidden streets where it’s still possible to meet local inhabitants chatting (in perfect Florentine dialect) from the windows while hanging out the washing…

On hot summer nights the steps of the Santa Croce church are a most excellent spot for drinking with your friends, playing guitar, singing and getting to know the locals.

Santa Croce is full of top-end wine bars, restaurants, gelaterias, bars and pubs, where it’s possible to start a perfect Florentine evening in the best way. Want a suggestion for a perfect ‘soirée’ in Santa Croce? Here you are: aperitif at Lidò (along the river), dinner at Finis Terrae (Piazza Santa Croce) or at Enoteca Baldovino, gelato at Vivoli, and a late-night beer at Williams Pub. If you follow this suggestion you’ll really discover Santa Croce (and Florence…) at its best, believe us!


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