This is the university district, where the seats of all of the most prestigious faculties of the city’s university:  fine art, literature, and where all of the university facilities, student residences and student cafeterias are located.

For this reason the district is very lively and full of cheap restaurants, good pubs, and very good aperitif bars (where students and tourists can have a dinner at the price of a drink!).

The Galleria dell’Accademia – where Michelangelo‘s wonderful David, one of the universal symbols of Florence, is on display, is located close to Piazza San Marco, and so through this square thousands of tourist pass each day.

We suggest that you avoid all the overpriced and low quality touristy places in and around Piazza San Marco!

It is much better to explore neighboring streets such as: Via Ricasoli, Via dei Servi, Via Santa Reparata, Via San Gallo, and Via XXVII Aprile, where local students spend their precious money!

Interesting places to visit in the district (beside the not-to-be-missed Galleria dell’Accademia), are the San Marco church (some of Giotto‘s works are here) and the Botanical Garden in Via Micheli.


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