Okay, so last week I went on a bit of a rant, and apparently my outrageous feelings towards this woman without pants were a huge hit. So this week I’m obviously going to go on another rant (although this week wont be so incredibly out there) My rant this week is about Easter. Apparently spring has finally sprung in Florence (ITS A POST EASTER MIRACLE!) because today it was 60 degrees and sunny for more than five minutes. GLORY GLORY. Anyway, no matter where in the world I am for Easter, I always wonder to myself, “Why do people always wear pastels on Easter?” Like I realize all colors come to life in spring etc, etc, but WHY do people insist on wearing entirely pastel color palettes to Easter celebrations? I think this is something I will never understand (and will never participate in) so if any one of you has an answer I would love to hear it.


So as I wandered the streets of Florence on this beautiful spring day trying to figure out what my fashion post would be this week, I was essentially slapped in the face with my topic for this week. Since the weather has clearly decided to reflect spring today, everyone and their brother’s mother decided they wanted to reflect the season in their wardrobe… specifically their pants.

I guess I should be happy since people are actually wearing pants this week (see last weeks post) but I was completely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of people wearing pastel colored pants today. WHY? Did I miss a memo today? Did you guys all call each other and say “Wear the pastel pants today.” Do I need to go out and buy colored pants?

Anyway here is my tribute to the colored pants of spring and all the pastel wearing Easter people out there in Florence today.

I definitely missed the memo this morning…

Now let me tell you that these aren’t even half of the people I saw wearing colored skinny jeans on my FIVE MINUTE walk home from class today. Unfortunately I cannot creep on every person with colored pants successfully otherwise this post would be a hundred photos long. So everybody jump on board with the spring pants bandwagon, because it is definitely something that EVERYONE is doing right now.

Oh and as an extra nugget of fashion today, I also saw these two on my way home. I’ll let you pass your own judgements…

So where’d you guys park your moon rover?


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