It has been one hell of a rainy week here in Florence, and I, for one, cannot say that I’m really happy about it. Being caught in the rain multiple times this past week (and breaking an umbrella in the process) I can say with 100% confidence that the rain kicked my butt. I was not one of Florence’s most fashionable this past week. But one thing the rain is good for though, if you are prepared, is forcing some serious rainy day fashion onto Florence!!

Check out this woman for example:

Nothing like a little “Rainy Day Chic”

This woman was looking super chic as it started to rain last week in Florence. With an all black outfit made up of a fur-collared trench coat, tights, and knee-high black boots she looked instantly classy, but with the addition of her bright red umbrella – it really made her outfit pop!

I guess red umbrellas were the trend that day because this man was rocking the same thing…

Red umbrellas are in I guess..?

Again with an all black ensemble, skinny jeans, and a big scarf – the red umbrella makes his outfit pop as well! I think this means that when I go buy a new umbrella (since mine died this week – RIP umbrella) I should most definitely buy a red umbrella so I can fit in with all the rainy day fashion!!




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