Hey there! We’re back again with another week of fashion in Florence!  This week I’m going to talk a little about the “hipster” trend that’s been gaining popularity among young people worldwide. In America, this hipster trend has been going on for a while… wild patterns, leggings, heavy layering of things that dont match, crazy accessories – you know the drill, but in Italy, this trend is just beginning. Check out this girl I saw on the street this week…

Has the hipster trend finally hit Florence??

With her crazy colorful patterned leggings, fur UGGS, and mismatched scarf and sweater, she would fit right in with the hipster trend in America. Does this mean the hipsters have finally hit Florence? Would you guys ever rock this outfit? How about this one? Rocking the dreadlocks, a crazy colored patterned backpack and mismatched neutrals… she embodies the hipster trend as well. Do you guys want the hipster trend to invade Florence? Let us know what you think!!




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