Alright, I’ll give you one guess as to what season it is in this photo…

Let’s play guess that season!

Oh, you guessed winter? Wrong-o. Happy first week of spring Florence, Italy-style, everybody!! We couldn’t help but take a picture of these Spanish girls – they were so happy and looked so cute all wrapped up like true Italians! You can tell it’s getting closer to springtime by looking at these lovely ladies in floral print leggings and frilly whites peeking out under their lighter jackets. No more huge bubble coats! It’s still chilly outside though (plus, the rain isn’t helping) so scarves, hats, and boots are still in! Hopefully soon we’ll be able to frolic freely throughout the city sans jackets and mittens, but until then, take a tip from these ladies and jump on their great sense of between-season style!


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