Now, Italians have a reputation for their killer fashion… but that doesn’t stop foreigners from coming into Florence and showing off their own style. Day to day, I see more than enough questionable fashion choices that make me wonder, “What were they thinking?” (Not saying the outfits were necessarily bad… only very obviously NOT Italian) I can only hope that the local Florentines here don’t feel that way about the good ‘ole American me (oops!)

With that being said… week to week, I’m not only going to show you the ways to fit in with the current Italian fashion, but also the ways that you can avoid standing out!

Take this couple for example:

This sense of style is probably wildly popular wherever they happen to be from… But here in Florence, not so much. These two stuck out like a sore thumb in Piazza della Signoria so I had to snap a picture. The guy is doing okay according to Florentine standards – Skinny pants, leather jacket, and scarf bundled up tight for warmth, but his lady counterpart is not as trend savvy.  With her light color palette, exposed legs, and baby doll bows, she’s embodying the opposite of the Florentine woman who normally wears a darker color palette, skinny pants, and slouchy hats.

Consider this a “what not to wear” if you aim to avoid standing out during your trip to Firenze!!


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