The Go-To and No-Go looks for street fashion in Florence, Italy.

Winter Edition – This week’s photo:

The guy: Puffy coat, skinny jeans, scarf, sneakers, and dark sunglasses (rain or shine) = typical everyday wear during a Florentine Winter. Take note of his scarf. Italians do NOT wear scarves for fashion, they seriously wear scarves to keep warm!

As for the girl: Kudos to her for fitting in with the Italians! Skinny jeans, flat boots, large bag, and a heavy leather jacket with fur lining and collar… regular leather jackets, pea coats, and heavy blazers do NOT cut it during winters in Florence. But…she’s missing the key piece that would pull together her ensemble… a scarf! Again, Italians truly use scarves for their utility, not their aesthetic! Other than that, she looks great!


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