Hello again, and welcome back for another week of fashion do’s and dont’s in Florence! So this week, I walked around the Duomo, Piazza Repubblica, and Piazza Signoria to find the most interesting and noteworthy fashion trends for these last weeks of February, and trust me, I found some lookers. Like always, I’ll give you a little taste of the good, annnnnd a little taste of the questionable. You’ll have to be the one to decide!

We’ll start with the good… for the ladies:

Donna Moda Firenze
Can I be her?

So I was standing on the corner and fell in love with this girl’s look. She was talking on the phone so I didn’t want to interrupt her, but I think me staring at her for an extended period of time with a camera was sufficient enough to freak her out. Regardless, I think she looks fantastic. With a dark color palette, like most of the Italians sport, along with her olive-green skinny jeans, leather boots, and large bag, she fits right in with the winter style of Florence. Besides the fact that she’s right on point with all the trends in Firenze right now, I am completely envious of everything she’s wearing. Yesterday was one of those days I wished I could snap a picture an it would appear in my closet… I’ll keep dreaming.

Now for the fellas!

Uomo Moda Firenze
Am I seeing double?

This picture is perfection. As if me telling you wasn’t enough for you to believe that this is, indeed, one of the most popular trends in Florence right now… I give you two of the same trend in one frame! Ta-da! AND you guys can’t even see that their four friends in front of them were sporting the same kind of jacket, as well!! These two are definitely doing it right with their bubble coats, dark skinny jeans, sneakers, and dark sunglasses… not to mention the high top fade they both are rocking! Add on that shoulder sling bag and these guys are looking like typical Florentines!

Now it’s up to you guys…

Yay or Nay?? You guys be the judge.

So here is my treasure of the week. Bright colors (fushia and lavender, baby), sweatpants, UGGS, and a shoulder sling bag… plus, he’s even rocking the high top fade (to the extreme!)  Definitely one to stand out by the Duomo… I even saw him posing for pictures with other tourists in the Piazza! What do you guys think? Would you be brave enough to rock this outfit??







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