Yes, cheese, onions and wasabi are just a few of the bizarre ingredients that can be found in your drink at Bitter Bar. Although these may sound like a recipe for watery eyes and an upset stomach, think again. The two resident bartenders have managed to shock and delight customers with their experimental beverages for years now.

Situated in the beautiful Borghese Palace Art Hotel in Florence, Italy, Bitter Bar is the creation of cocktail masterminds Cristian Guitti and Gerardo Callipo.  Although the modern, Baroque-inspired décor is exceedingly elegant and trendy, it is not the furnishings that attract people to this little gem. Nor is it the jazz, soul, and blues pouring out the speakers, or even the chic art on the walls. People come to Bitter Bar for the drinks.Cocktail Bar Firenze

With well over 10 years experience behind the bar under their belts, the two owners created every artisan fusion drink on the menu themselves, and they did so with the use of their unique imaginations and perfect pallets.

The bartenders’ culinary passion is evident in each and every cocktail they’ve conjured up. Traits of Asian and Italian cuisine become obvious as you decipher the strange concoctions sprawled across the pages of the menu. The men behind the operation even admit, “If we were not barmen, we would be chefs.” So let’s be thankful that these guys chose the path that involves more alcohol.

The surprising ingredients that are found in the Bitter Bar beverages, include but are not limited to:

Blue cheese – Pickled Onion – Wasabi – Chocolate – Pumpkin – Cigars – Popcorn

However, do not let these quirky components deter you, as they are infused with a multitude of complimenting flavours.

Take a look at some of our favourite cocktails that are available:

The Spaghetti Western
Gin – Blue Cheese – Amaretto – Lemon – Sugar – Pistachio

Cocktail at Bitter Bar
This creamy cocktail is perfectly balanced. The usual pinch that you expect from the gin is cancelled out by the blue cheese, which doesn’t carry the pungent kick you would normally get with a slice of Gorgonzola. All the elements come together to make an overall smooth drink that goes down easy and is accentuated by the ground pistachio that seasons the top of the cocktail.

Onion Jack
Gin – Onion – Passion Fruit – Lemon – Sugar – Cashew Nuts

Cocktail at Bitter Bar

This drink is initially very juicy as you are met with a burst of passion fruit. This sweetness completely masks the taste of the gin but it is followed by the cheeky after taste of pickled onion. Served with an onion garnish to replace the typical olive, the drink is on the whole very moreish as your brain is tantalised by the unusual combination of fruit and pickle, topped off with a nutty finish.

With these just being a couple of the creative concoctions on offer, be sure to drop by Bitter Bar and experiment with your taste buds for yourself. Busiest nights of the week are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursdays host the “Cocktail Therapy” night where you can tell the bartenders your preferred ingredient and get a completely customised cocktail made for you. There is also “Molecular Cocktails” night on Fridays, where the bar offers up a selection of drinks inspired by molecular cuisines. Reservations are recommended.
Full menu below:cocktail menuCocktail MenuCocktail Menu

Bitter Bar
via de’Pandolfini 39 / r
Tel: 340 5499258 – 388 9759074

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