Everywhere you go in the world, something unforgettable happens. It maybe jaw dropping, pee-your-pants laughter, or heart-touching and full of emotions, but no matter what those moments or mistakes are, they always make the best stories. Here are mine from my time in Florence, Italy.

1. Riding bikes through the Tuscan countryside

This is something you must do when your in Italy. The vast rolling hills of olive trees and grape vines are just breathtaking. It’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and the best way to avoid all the tourism congestion. We went on a classic Tuscan bike and wine tasting tour with I Bike Italy and loved every bit of it! Once you watch this, you will see how much it will blow you away.

Wine tasting bike ride
A whole other side to Italy many never see!

2. Pronouncing non-boob-related words as “boobs”

Grammar mistakes in another language aren’t that bad; people will usually still understand what you mean. But mispronouncing a word can leave you in an awkward position. Asking “Dov’e’ ristorante Poppe?” (Where is Boobs Restaurant?) when you really mean, “Dov’e’ ristorante Pepo’?” (Where is Pepo’ Restaurant?) will get you a lot of laughs and odd looks. But if you’re ever in Florence, Italy, this place is worth checking out.

3. Trying creative ways to open wine bottles

Honestly, just stick to the good old-fashioned corkscrew – no knives and especially no shoes! (…even if YouTube says otherwise.) The corkscrew was created for a reason and most likely won’t leave you in the hospital getting your hand stitched up (yes, that happened). It’s Italy, so having a wine opener in your flat is pretty much a necessity.

4. Sunset at the top of Fiesole

Hiking up to or catching the bus to Fiesole is a must do when your in Firenze. This small hilltop town gives you a view to always remember. Bring your friends and a bottle of wine, sit back, and enjoy the panoramic vista over Florence as you watch the sunset. If you choose to hike there it will certainly be a workout and take you about an hour and a half. If you take the bus, it’s number 7 from the train station, for €1.20, and will be a 23-minute ride to the main square. Once there, just make a left up a small street (the one that goes straight uphill) and there you are!

Fiesole sunset
On top of the world in Fiesole

5. Sunset at the top of Piazzale Michelangelo

Anywhere were you can watch a sunset with a breathtaking view is a must-see for me. Piazzale Michelangelo is another amazing location from which to wind down your day, just a 20-minute uphill walk from the center of Florence. Here you can enjoy lovely street performers playing great old hits on acoustic guitar while looking out over the city. A small suggestion is to bring a bottle of wine and some snacks and enjoy the show of colorful sky and music.

piazzale michelangelo performance
One of the best performers that I have come across in Florence

6. Riding the carousel in Piazza della Repubblica

You’re never to old to ride on a merry-go-round, especially when it is in the middle of a piazza in Italy. Doing it during the day is one thing, but riding it at night with everything lit up is just awesome.

Florence Italy Carousel
For only two euros, you can bring back childhood memories

7. Smell your way to the secret bakery

If you’re in Piazza Santa Croce late at night having a good old time at the bars, you may come across one of the most aromatic and intoxicating smells that fills the Italian night sky. Drop what you’re doing and sniff your way to the this “secret bakery,” open from about 1:30AM-6:30AM everyday.  The €1 fresh, warm pastry treats will satisfy your sweet tooth like no other, but I’m not going to tell you where it is because that will ruin the fun of discovering it on your own.

When you have found a wonderful place in the world, it’s always hard to say goodbye. You look for excuses and ideas that prolong the farewell for just a little bit longer, even if it’s only a few more hours or days. You don’t want to give up that warm, happy feeling inside that makes you smile constantly because you just experienced something that you will never forget. Although every trip does eventually end, it only opens the door for a new opportunity, adventure, and great stories.

What are some of your best moments or mistakes while traveling?



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