Sunday May 24, at 9.00 pm, Patty Smith, poetess of Rock, will make a reading from Michgelangelo’s poetry on sin and desire in the tribuna of the Academy Gallery of Florence, where Michelangelo’s original stone carving “David” is on permanent display, as well as his unfinished slaves.
An extraordinary event as anticipation of the opening of the exhibit dedicated to Robert Mapplethorpe, ”La perfezione nella forma”, Florence, Academy Gallery, 26 May – 27 September 2009

An exhibition of 93 images by , in the Museum of David, symbol of human perfection, in homage of the photographer, friend of Patty Smith, who was always looking for perfection in form and who admired Michelangelo so much.
Invitations to the exhibit available at “LILA”, lega italiana per la lotta contro l’AIDS, a non profit association founded in 1987 to support people with HIV or AIDS via delle Casine 12 red (tel. 055.2479013) Florence, from Monday to Friday from 5.00 to 8.00 pm, donations by collecting tickets

Article by: Chiara Migliorini


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