When: Tuesday through Sunday 8:15am – 6:00pm from 10 march to 21 june 2009

Where: Bargello National Museum – Via del Proconsolo 4


Price: Full rate €. 7,00  Concession: € 3.50 for European Union citizens from 18 to 25 years of age
Free admission for European Union citizens under 18 and over 65 years of age

More info : Exibition official Web Site 27341

Bernini, a master of sculpture on par with Michelangelo, reinvigorated portraiture wi
th his magnificent life-like busts. Starting out with his earlier sculptures, primarily of important popes and cardinals who commissioned them, this exhibition at the Bargello evolves as Bernini did.

Taking inspiration from Reubens among others, Bernini strove to make the marble even more intensely realistic, often looking as if they were just about to talk; thus inventing the term ‘speaking likeness’.

Shown along with other artist’s sculptures and paintings, including Antoon van Dyck’s Portrait of Virginia, we see Bernini’s command over sculpture take off.

Although made from stone, these marble portraits look anything but cold.

Locked in a loving gaze with an oil painting of Bernini, one can see the soft roundness of Costanza Bonarelli’s cheek and the subtle waves of each individual lock of hair. While known for many other works of art as well, Bernini’s portrait busts alone show his early mastery of sculpture and after viewing this exhibit it is easy to see why he was so essential to the Renaissance Period.

As it is a small exhibit, occupying only two rooms; one could say it leaves you wanting more, but there are more than enough little details to look at in these magnificent busts. You’ll spend plenty time gazing at the sculptures just waiting for them to strike up a conversation.

Article by Kimberly Quarforth (Lorenzo de Medici School, Florence)
Email: kquarfor@mail.umw.edu
Under the supervision of:

Angie De Angelis
LdM academic advisor

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Florence, Tuscania, Rome
Via Faenza 43
50123 Florence, Italy
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