So, it’s finally hot outside and it’s finally time to get out of your rooms and walk around during the day without needing to wear 2000 layers of clothes that are gonna make any bar or club uncomfortable. I mean sitting there with all your coats and sweaters, not knowing where to put them and not knowing if you’ll find them again. It’s just unbearable. Now I guess I digressed a bit, but with the nice weather, you can finally go do all of that without worrying and don’t worry Flo-town’s got just what you need. Starting next week, April 30, Florence will start its Cocktail Week. FCW 2018. It’s a pretty big deal this year, especially because after a number of edition it’s the first time it has the patronage of the City of Florence. As you can tell from its name it’s a week long so don’t miss out on various events around the bars of Flo-town. Here is a list of places I’ve been and can assure the drinks are good all year round, but around this period they’ll be even better. So go and check them out.

Bitter Bar, Via di Mezzo 28/R

It’s got that vintage vibe (Great Gatsby and whatnot), like most mixology places really, but it’s not half bad. If you can’t find it on your own it’s on the corner of via di mezzo and via de Pepi. So check it out when your right around Santa Croce, but can’t actually find the Piazza. During this FCW they’ll be presenting the “Negroni Cocktail Experience” a 35€ class that teaches you how to make a classic Florentine Negroni. Cause just in case no one told you yet, a Florentine count, Camillo Negroni, invented it here in the 1920s.

Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno, Via dello Sprone 5/R

Not to be confused with Ditta Artigianale near Santa Croce, cause Oltrarno is the other side of the river (Santo Spirito, San Freudian, Pitti). This place isn’t only famous for its drinks, it’s got a great little menu as well to pick from. The place has got a great space indoors and out to relax in, and now is the perfect time to do that. If you’re interested you can check out their Distillation class, it’s free if you’re able to get a reservation in time.

Gilli 1733, Via Roma 1/R

In the heart of Florence, Piazza Della Repubblica, resides one of Florence’s historical bars. Gilli 1733. You’ve seen it while walking around and you probably fell in love with the windows that show off all of their mouthwatering treats. They’ll be presenting a “Night Shift” course on Negronis.

La Ménagère, Via de Ginori 8/R

Walking around the San Lorenzo market, you’ve most probably found yourself around the square where the church of San Lorenzo is. Now down the street where the statue is looking you’ll find Ménagère, an oasis in town. I mean, a literal oasis, cause while you arrive and look inside not only does it look like a great place to grab a drink, but its unique interior garden will have you dreaming to stay there forever. Here you’ll be able to attend a book presentation “Spirits” that has a shitload of recipes (free of charge, if reserved in time) and a “Bio” drinking Masterclass (free of charge, if reserved on time)

Locale, Via Delle Seggiole 12/R

I’ve been here once, and god, I’ll never forget it. Beautiful. I mean like, don’t think about the price tag when you walk in cause you’ll leave homeless, but Jesus it looks great. It’s in a classic Florentine courtyard, and during the warmer seasons (so like from now on), the bar area is in an open space. For FCW they’ll try to teach you how to pair Single Malt Scotch Whiskey and it’s free of charge if you reserve a spot.

MAD, Borgo San Frediano 36-38/R

Everyone knows about San Frediano now don’t they? It’s thanks to this bar. They brought in a freshness to the area that was most needed back in the day, and it’s very probably thanks to them that it landed the zone on TripAdvisor’s best neighborhoods of the world. It has a Rum centered week, so you should check it out no doubt, go in grab a drink and look at all the weird people going back and forth Borgo San Frediano during the day, and at night.

Manifattura, Piazza San Pancrazio, 1

Now, this is another place that loves those vintage vibes, but compared to Bitter, this place resembles Italian 20s. Classic bartending and care for detail, ranging from it’s masterful bartending, to its refined food preparation. It’s a Must. Go sit at the bar, or maybe at in its courtyard and sip on a beautiful drink while listening to old school (really old school) Italian music. For FCW you’ll be able to enjoy it’s “Pouring Local” event, that I’m gonna say has to do with classic Italian drinks. (maybe not)

Rasputin, Piazza Santo Spirito

Now, everyone is inspired by the 20s, but no one takes as far as Rasputin. “Somewhere in Santo Spirito” that’s all the info I can give, cause that’s the beauty of it. The first Florentine Speak-easy, you’ve got to find it yourself and well, that’s it can’t say anything else about it. So, If you find it during this Cocktail week you’ll be able to enjoy the taste of Mitcher’s Whiskey, it’s free with a reservation. Anyway good luck finding it!

Fusion Bar & Restaurant, Vicolo dell’Oro 3

The Gallery Hotel is one of Florence’s fanciest-swankiest places, but wow it really is something else. The Fusion is something that you have to experience at least once while you’re here. You can enjoy some great Asian food and have a delicate cocktail that will soothe your senses. Here you’ll be able to enjoy some Vodka, that is actually something quite different for a change in this list. And like most of these events, it’s free of charge with a reservation.

Harry’s Bar, Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci, 22/R

This place I’ve always heard about, even before I started to enjoy a nice drink. I mean it’s around since after the war (1952) so you know it’s gotta be good if it’s been around for that long. They don’t need to be inspired by anything they’re the source of inspiration really. It’s location makes it that much better with a terrace overlooking Ponte Vecchio, I mean you’ve got a drink, so you’ve got all you need. Unfortunately, they don’t have any Special Events going on for FCW this year, but it’s a pretty good excuse to go and have a gander.



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