It’s the newcomer among the Florentine museums: its name is Casa Martelli and will be opened to the public starting from today.
Casa Martelli is in a palazzo in via Zannetti, once named via della Forca (Gallows Road).450px-Palazzo_martelli_02 The museum is an interesting example of an 18th-century nobleman’s home and of the family’s tastes in collecting.
In 1738 Niccolò and Giuseppe Maria Martelli employed the architect Bernardo Ciurini to transform several houses into the present palace. The interior was decorated in the taste of the period with paintings by Vincenzo Meucci, Bernardo Minozzi and Niccolò Conestabile, with stucco ornamentation by Giovan Martino Portogalli. The fine collection of art works belonging to the family was arranged in a specially designed suite of rooms. Is the last example of an 18th-century Florentine collection, with the exception of the Corsini collection, that has been preserved intact.
The paintings include works by Piero di Cosimo, Beccafumi, Salvator Rosa, Luca Giordano and Netherlandish painting of the 17th century.
In 1999 the palace and its contents were acquired by the State and now the building has been developped  as a museum.
It can be visited by appointment only on Thursday and Saturday morning.


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