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The Artist’s House  in Greve in Chianti established in 2008 is a structure in line with the widespread practice of other European countries and the world to create environments where is possible the exchange and comparison between artists, and presents itself as an international center for business cultural and it is the first in Tuscany to be included in the international network of  Res Artis.
Recently  is been published the yearbook  “The Artistic Time” which includes a biography of the teachers with some of their works, and the artists of the residence in 2008.

Currently, guests are:


They work in the laboratories of the residence, each developing a specific project but also leaving open the path of confrontation and experimentation that will come naturally by living artists.

young artist , lives and works in Detroit, Michigan.
In the Artists House is developing the project “Abstraction of the reflection” through the creation of large paintings in which merges images of natural elements with the figurative, manipulating shapes and colors in an intriguing amalgam.

He lives in Providence and is Art Professor at Rhode Island College.
His plan of residence “Nylon Catenaries” is based on research of intersection between art and science. Achieves small sculptures and drawings based on studies conducted at the Museum of Science in Rome and Florence.

Demetria Verduci

La Macina di San Cresci
Pieve di San Cresci – 50022 Greve in Chianti (FI) Italy
Tel/fax 055 8544793 –


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