My two weeks in Florence is nearly over and I didn’t think there would be anything left to enjoy; that was until I found myself at the Piazza della Repubblica!

Piazza della Repubblica is a fantastic place to spend the afternoon! Before I went this afternoon, I had been before and I didn’t think it was possible for me to find anything new to do.

Shopping in Florence nearby Piazza della Repubblica

Many nearby streets are filled with hundreds of world renown shops such as Zara, H&M, Apple, OVS , Kiko, Hugo Boss, Pandora (two Pandoras actually!), Luisa Via Roma, Diesel and many more. Don’t be afraid to wander through a shop you may have never seen before though – who knows what you might find!

So after a hard day of shopping and carrying your new treasures around, what could you possibly do next? Have lunch of course! With the dozens of cafés, restaurants, pubs and gelato shops your only issue will be picking which one is your favourite!

It was a very lively afternoon at the Piazza della Repubblica today! A typical afternoon consists of shoppers and lunch goers but also children with their parents enjoying the merry-go-round and many street performers and impromptu shows!

I enjoyed the musical sounds of the Bucket Butchers whose talent is making music with mainly buckets. They worked up an energetic crowd and were largely applauded. I had the chance to chat with them after their performance and the two talents just wanted to thank people for supporting them!

Click the link below to find out more about them and show your support!

Find the Bucket Butchers on Facebook:

The Bucket Butchers are not the only street acts you’ll find in Piazza della Repubblica. Why don’t you go and explore. Tell us in the comments below which street acts you discover and enjoy!

Florence continues to surprise me!

Happy shopping!

Find more about the history of the Piazza della Repubblica here:

Articles & Pictures by Anita Lofinmakin* (Bromley College, UK)

*A  few lines about Anita?
“A is for Adventurous
N is for Nosey
I is for Imaginative
T is for Talkative
A is for Amazing!”


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