So here’s a little fact about me: I love to look at fashion, but I don’t have a single clue about the inside business or trends, at all. Well last night, June 17th, I got an behind the scenes glimpse into that world, and it was pretttttyy fucking cool. Lucky for me I got the coveted VIP pass (ok just a regular pass, but I pretended I was super famous) into Firenze4Ever On Stage. The event brings in all the hottest and most influential fashion bloggers from around the world for a massive party in honor of basically, themselves. Really though, these bloggers get to come to Florence, Italy to participate in the entire Firenze4Ever weekend and get to model a bunch of awesome new clothes from all of the top international designers – thanks to Luisa Via Roma luxury fashion store, who organizes it all. The event also brings awesome underground artists to the stage such as Goose, Francis and the Cats, and Prins Thomas. Jealous much? Yea I thought so. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the whole thing is INSIDE the Boboli Gardens? That’s right. I’m at a serious fashion party, at night, in Florence’s royal gardens. Nothing matters in life anymore after this.

The first thing I had to think about, before preparing for my first-ever event that wasn’tttt a high school banquet, was the dress code which was…grunge glam. I mean do you guys know what that is because I have NO CLUE. So after I did some google image research I realized it was basically people with messed up hair, wearing all black and some studs, while also managing to look super put together. Yea, I know, I have no idea how to do that either. The only good things about this was that I happen to be an all-black clothing super fan (the New York girl coming out in me), and I also have a pair of black studded boots. I’m like, super high fashion, if high fashion means an H&M dress and Steve Madden boots…

So after about 40 minutes of walking around the gardens, trying to find which one of the three entrances was the correct one (it was the third and final one I went to. Yea.), I know I’ve arrived because all of a sudden there’s about a million Italians dressed in stunning “grunge glam” attire, or so I think; Either way, they all look freaking awesome and I’m hoping no one notices my outfit.

grungle girl firenze 4 ever
Best pic I could get of a girl who just pretty much went full grunge…

When I say awesome, I mean it. These girls are either decked out in head to toe Dolce and Gabana or know how to pull off cheap, all-black fashion way better than I do. Anyways, after waiting around for about 20 minutes I realized the line wasn’t moving and so I used my super charming smile, batted my beautiful eyelashes a little and pushed my way to the front and I was in (it’s a skill.) First, all I can see is this super long rock walkway, lit up on both sides, that leads to some sort of giant gate and I feel freaking fabulousss.

firenze 4 ever entrance boboli gardens
My own personal runway (the normal entrance…)

Seriously I was struttin it down this thing. So I reach the end and see where I’m at. They’ve got two backdrops set up where you can have your picture taken where they make you feel MORE famous then you already feel – so perfect – and then ahead they’ve got some purple and blue lights illuminating part of the Boboli Gardens.

firenze 4 ever photo backdrop
I’m FAMOUSS! I mean thats not me… but whatever.

Thoughts running through my head: am I in The Princess Diaries?  Then if you take a right up some stairs you’re in a giant, beautiful field with an open bar and concert stage ahead. Heaven. I made my way up to the bar where they are throwing some sort of smoke cubes into all of the drinks so my drink is spraying fog out of my hand; HOW COOL IS THAT?

foaming drinks at firenze 4 ever
my drinks have FOG coming out of them!! (also, yea I have two drinks, it’s all about strategy you know?)

Then I start listening to the band currently on stage, Goose, and realize how AWESOME they are and I just keep thinking, “How much cooler can this event be?”

goose light show firenze 4 ever
Some of the crazy lights Goose had going on during their show

Think of a beautiful mix of rock and electronic with some vocals, and you have this band. (Side note: Colorado needs to get these guys to perform at our outdoor venue Red Rocks, the Coloradoan’s would go crazy for this shit. Actually pretty much anyone would love them, like Dior, who picked one of their songs for their Fall 2013 collection video.) Also, picture me dancing SOLO, rocking out to these guys awesome dubstep rock blend. Yeaaaaaa I’m the coolest person at the party.

goose firenze 4 ever boboli gardens
Goose still gettin’ down

So after some dancing and scoping out all of the ridiculously-expensive-looking, beautiful outfits at this place, it hit me that I was probs creeping some people out and decided to head home. But don’t worry I still pretended to be a super famous, special fashion insider on the walk out. Big shoutout to LuisaViaRoma for lettin’ a girl feel world famous for a night.


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