What is Urban Trekking? It’s a new form of tourism, less structured and far from the famous circuits. A “wanderer” tourism more free and full of surprises that favors the sights, monuments, less known, the place where the daily citizens live. Urban trekking is a sustainable tourism that decongests centers monumental steps tour and slows. Tourists walking have an active and participating view of the city visiting and establishing an emotional relationship with it that builds loyalty. For residents Urban trekking is a healthy lifestyle and a way to reclaim the place where you live, learn more and using it to tone of heart, brain and muscles.

Who practices Urban Trekking? It’s for everyone. The trekking can become an intense sport by including the location of stairs and uneven ground, while for the less strong and less young is a sweet sport .

When can you practice Urban trekking ? All year round, even in winter. At any time, even at night. Unlike trekking practiced in the fields and woods, the city is not limited by darkness and the muddy terrain.

Why is practiced Urban trekking?
A long walk, like sports is often an antidote to depression, obesity and diabetes, heart disease and aging, especially osteoporosis.

How are the brochures of Urban Trekking? The description of urban trekking routes is similar to that of trekking traditional green flag for the point of departure, the red flag for the point of arrival, an eye indicates the panoramic points are marked at the beginning are signed:the length, the difficulties itinerary and things to carry around.

Arezzo –    Lucca –  Massa –   Pisa –  Prato Siena

Courtesy of www.trekkingurbano.info


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