The Citadel of the Carnival is the heart of the Carnival, where the great allegorical wagons born, thanks to a handicraft and artistic activity of great importance and originality.The Citadel of the Carnival comes to life and becomes a wonderful scenic structure of great value.Around the elliptic plaza the sixteen sheds are the structures where the great wagons of cartapesta, are built. In the citaldel there is also the Museum of the Carnival and hall of exposures.Immagine 2

The Viareggio Carnival
Mardì Gras, 1873 the Viareggio Carnival, as it is known today, was born: a spectacular event among the finest and grandest in the world. At the end of the century, in the people’s festival, the triumphal floats appeared; true and proper monuments, built in wood, plaster and jute modelled by sculptors and put together by carpenters and iron smiths.
In Darsena, on the ladders of the naval dockyards, they knew how to build ships able to challenge the tricky waters and capricious winds of the oceans. From then on, the floats built from year to year have navigated through a sea of amazed and amused people. In 1925 papier-mâché was introduced to create the floats, and from then on has allowed colossal but very light figures. With this novelty, you could say that the history of the Viareggio Carnival became a legend, thanks to the constructors who, because of their creative capacity, were called papier-mâché wizards by the national and international press. Therefore, people who love to spend several cheerfulness and amusement days are not allowed to miss such an appointment. As if that wasn’t enough, during this period, a lot of events are organized in this pleasant Tuscan town.
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