Why Buy in Italy in 2022-2023?

Bagno Vignoni – San Quirico d’Orcia – Siena, Tuscany, Italy

A mild climate, heart-stopping scenery, exquisite food and welcoming locals. Not to mention the inspiring art, the wine and the cappuccinos. Many of those lured by Italy’s landscapes and proverbial warmth dream of going back for good. To stay. Needless to say the next step is starting to look at homes for sale in Italy.

In no time you’re lusting after a seafront haven, a countryside manor, a farmhouse. Yes, because the craving for a casa in Italia stems from a keen desire for a different way of life. What many are after is a “slower” daily pace, healthy and wholesome surroundings. In a phrase: a higher quality of life and a greener lifestyle. 

Homes for sale in Italy have always been inspiring and beckoning oasis. 

Why Look for a Home in Italy Today?

All the more so today, after over 6 months of a global pandemic. It’s changed the way we move, work and socialize, especially in big cities. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed people’s mindsets and reshuffled priorities. The vision of life in a metropolis as a glittering, easy and fun-filled existence has lost much of its luster.

The Guardian writes: “Pandemics have always shaped cities – and from increased surveillance to ‘de-densification’ to new community activism, Covid-19 is doing it already

Where to buy in Italy: the market scenario

In the remaining part of this article, we’re going to understand what are the best areas of Italy to live in. We have done this considering crucial factors foreigners rely on. The historical value, the natural environment, the quality of life.
On the other hand, if you are looking to buy a house ni Italy to make an investment, we strongly encourage you to navigate the Irecom’s website, especially the section called where to buy in Italy.
There you will be able to find the latest trends emerging from the market researches. Considering what will be the next movements in the Italian market scenario, you’ll be able to invest securely in the Bel paese!

Buying a house in Italy: the top 10 Italian regions for investments

A Healthier Lifestyle in Central Italy

On top of it all we are – and have been – working remotely for months. So living-downtown-to-be-close-to-the office doesn’t even make sense anymore.

Fresh air and outdoor exercise. Living with the season and picking your own vegetables. Smaller communities, more space, lower crime rates. And above all: MORE TREES and OXYGEN! 

As daydreams of relocating surge, couples and families pour over photos of charming cottages and homes for sale in Florence. 

Country Mouse or City Mouse?

Homes for sale in milan

True as it is that the countryside provides all the advantages I mentioned above, living in sublime Rome, steps away from world class art, or glamorous Milan, is an unrivalled experience. 

Excellent motivation meets overwhelming life-changing dilemmas.

On one side a daunting choice of appealing locations and lovely homes in Italy. On the other the crucial question: should I buy a home in Italy now, during the crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic? and how about 2022-23? 

We all know that a critical situation generally brings on a rapid decrease of house prices, and Italy’s real estate market has been suffering since 2007. 

buy a house in rome

Are Prices of Homes for Sale in Italy going to Drop in 2022? 

So, are prices of homes for sale in Italy going to drop in 2022? 

Well, maybe not. Or at least not yet. Although the global pandemic is having a large-scale impact on Italy’s real estate a complete downfall of overall property prices is not probable, at least not in the near future. That’s why this is the time to invest, because the rental market is constantly growing (here you find the proper law about ‘affitti’ – Legge 431/1998)

Why? First of all because homes for sale in Italy are usually more expensive than their counterparts in the US and other European countries. 

You know the tune: location, location, location! What you pay for is the sunshine, smiling next-door neighbours, olive groves…

Italians and Homes

But it’s also because of how much Italians care about La Casa, The Home. Be it the historic family home or just a property purchased as a good investment, la casa has always been a cherished possession. And this too is true now more than ever. 

As reported by Mario Breglia, President of Scenari Immobiliari (real estate scenarios), the springtime lockdown brought Italians to reconsider what a valid family investment is. Confined to their homes for months we have grown to be ever more conscious of the value of a good home. A home with a garden or a balcony or an extra room is today a key commodity. 

Hence, unless the crisis gets worse, prices are likely to remain quite steady. 

A Home for Sale in Positano?

positano home for sale italy

Think again! If you’re looking for sun-kissed white-washed villages and long fiery sunsets. If you’re looking to relocate in 2023, instead of focusing on that to-die-for home for sale in Positano, you might want to look into those areas which offer better bargains. According to Immobiliare.it – one of Italy’s leading real estate firms – as of October 2020 prices ranged from € 2.,696 per sq. mt. in Trentino Alto Adige, € 2,543 in Liguria and 2,409 in Tuscany to €1,175 in Sicily and just € 929 per sq. mt. in Calabria.


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