And here we are finally at the end of our weather reports (that is for now until we start adding more cities on the blog), don’t worry you know the format by now and I can tell you that it’s gonna be no different than the last two — Weather in Milan & Rome Weather. For Florence weather, you’ll be getting an extremely accurate version though, because that is where we are, and this gives us an advantage on knowing the weather. So get ready and pack up what you can, based on our report on the weather in Florence Italy.

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Florence weather in Summer

As per usual, we will start with the summer, cause we’re in it now, and it’s the season where most Florentines complain the most of the Florence weather. It is one of Italy’s hottest cities to live in, because of the valley it’s in. Keep in mind Florence is surrounded by hills, so this creates a pressure vacuum, making the air extremely still and heavy, oh and let’s now forget humid. This is why there are so many great gelaterie in Florence and Florentine pools.

Florence weather in Autumn

Now this season is no doubt the best, as per Rome, Milan, and the rest of the cities in Italy. Finally, some humidity starts to fade away and you still have a decent enough weather to enjoy some parks and the outdoors, like maybe going for a hike in the mountains around Florence. For this season keep in mind that it starts to rain a bit more often than usual so bring your umbrella or buy one when you get here.

Florence weather in Winter

OK, so the problem of cities like Florence is that our summers are really humid and you can’t breathe whilst feel super mopey as if you’re melting away, in the winter it’s always extremely humid but it makes the cold seep inside your bones, yaaaaaay. So keep in mind that for this Florence weather forecast we predict that no coat will keep you warm enough in the Florentine winters, all you have to do is get to anywhere you go super fast. That’s all the advice I can give.

Florence weather in Spring

Finally another beautiful season in Italy, that is unless you suffer from allergies because in Florence pollen flies faster than Bolt in the 100-meter dash. Now keep in mind Florence is full of greenery and this season is also the best to visit it, but you have to take your antihistamines before going on a long walk. But anyway keep in mind that even though it’s still great weather an umbrella is always a must.


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