You just got in Florence and you realize that every single person that’s in this city has to look like a wannabe model, respecting all the latest trends and wearing all the coolest threads around. So, maybe you wanna join in the fancy crowd and wear some cool pieces as well, but alas you’re a student and student budget don’t really help out with remodeling your wardrobe. Here we’ll help you have the best vintage shopping experience for some crazy good deals and some amazing finds, that might cost you more, keep in mind that you already have a full suitcase so don’t be going crazy on your poor wallet while Shopping in florence.


Have yourself a great shopping spree with this list for your vintage shopping in Florence and then don’t forget to come to thank us when you’re buying a new suitcase to go back home with all the amazing finds you get from this Florence Shopping guide.

Thrift stores in Florence Italy

Keep going to find out the best ones, don’t worry we’ve added only the best one in town for when you come back, or for your time in the city. Cause fashion is one of the most important facets of Italian culture.

Vintage Shopping in Florence: the list

nadine florence
Boutique Nadine


You can find Boutique Nadine in two separate locations, one is on Via de’ Benci (you know Via de’ Benci don’t make believe you don’t), the strip where all the clubs are in Santa Croce, and the other location is on Lungarno past Ponte Vecchio. Here you’ll find some great chic pieces if that’s your style, plus an amazing amount of newly made accessories to show off your knowledge of fashion.


Street Doing


If you’re on your way to San Marco from the Duomo area you’re bound to pass by Street Doing, a classic Vintage shop where yours truly found some amazing silk shirts (yeah I know I’m a fancy man). Anyway go inside and explore every section as the true fashionista you are, cause you never know what you’ll find.


Desii Vintage


Desii is probably the most expensive vintage in Florence, but hey there is a reason for that. In the store, that you’ll find in a “traversa” of Via Cerretani (the big street that goes from the Duomo to the Train Station), you’ll be putting your hands on some of the best kept high fashion vintage, from Gucci to Vuitton, from Versace to Dior. I mean go in there with a lot of money to spend if you wanna grab some beaut Italian vintage clothing, everything is real and so well kept that you’ll enjoy just roaming around. Once you’re there keep in mind that one store is Mens and the other one is Women’s, but hey it’s 2018 gender fluidity in apparel is “la base” (the standard).


Dolce Vita Officina Vintage


Dolce Vita Officina Vintage used to be a staple for Florentine vintage shopping after a fair amount of management changes, it finally settled down again with it’s new found self “Dolce Vita”. In here you can find some of the best wool sweaters and coats, it follows a really classic aesthetic and it shows not just in the clothing, but also in the design. Give it a go if you’re walking from San Lorenzo to the Station, or Borgo Albizi going down to Piazza della Repubblica.


Melrose Vintage Store


The truest staple of Florentine Vintage, Melrose has been in the city for ages and it never died out. Still today you’ll find some of the best vintage wear and so much variety, from 80s disco to 20s flapper, whatever your fashionistas heart desires. You want some long black duster coats, BAAM they’ve got it, you want a long cocktail dress, NO PROBLEM, you’re looking for vinyl don’t worry they got those too, antiques in Florence? why not?. The location in Via Ginori (behind the San Lorenzo market) is huge and the outlet next to the train station is HUGE (see what I did there).


Giratempo Vintage

Giratempo is a bit harder to find if you’re not looking for it, I mean the location is super central so you’ve probably already passed by, or will if not in the country yet. So let me explain how you’ll get to there, let’s say you’re walking from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza Salvemini, at a certain point of your walk you’ll find a minuscule piazzetta with a bar on your right. Look carefully and you’ll find it.


Mercato Sant’Ambrogio & Cascine


Finally, here is where the concept of Vintage goes back to its origins as thrift stores, in the Mercati. Every morning in Sant’Ambrogio you’ll find the market with a full selection of used clothes from 3€ up and some pretty neat stuff as well. If you can’t find anything you like there, go to the Parco delle Cascine Tuesday mornings (really early) and you’ll find some OG pieces that’ll have you go mental.




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