What to do in Bologna

Bologna is Emilia-Romagna’s regional capital, and it’s historical importance to the country is seen from the beauty of its historical center. Founded by the Etruscans in the 6th century, it continued it’s growth until the middle ages when it was under Holy Roman Empire’s control. During this period it opened the gates to the first university in the west, and to this day it is still functional. So we want to give you a quick Bologna city guide in which you can have a quick understanding of what to do, where to go, and most importantly, what to eat (cause let me tell you Bologna has some of the best food in Italy – don’t tell the other Italians).

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Bologna Italy is known for food, fun, and art. Here you’ll find some of the best locations to eat great mortadella (called by many Bologna-Boloney *wink*), tortellini, passatelli, and whatever your heart desires. Get yourself on a diet prior to setting foot in this historical landmark, cause you’ll eat so much you’ll explode. Bologna Italy isn’t only known for its food, but also the history and architectural masterpieces you can find in the city, For example you have Piazza Maggiore, the Basilica di San Petronio, Neptunes Fountain, the Madonna di San Luca’s Sanctuary and many amazing Porticati (archways), that’ll keep you dry when the weather isn’t helping out. Don’t worry we’ll give you a Bologna Italy map right beneath so you can find all these great locations. So don’t you go saying that at StudentsVille we don’t give you any Bologna tourist info.

Accommodations in Bologna

Obviously, we’re gonna pump up StudentsVille when we talk about Bologna Apartments and student rooms in Bologna, cause come on you know, we know, and they all know, that we have the best accommodation for you and your peers. Cause if you’re in town and need someplace to stay there really isn’t any other place to look than here. Just in case we’ll give you some good areas to stay in, so when you pick your apartments in Italy your commute to your courses won’t be a hassle. Great areas are near Porta Maggiore, the triangle between the Pinacoteca Nazionale-Porta San Donato-Palazzo Fantuzzi, Piazza dei Martiri, and Palazzo Albergati. Again don’t worry cause we’ll add a Bologna Italy Map so you can find the area’s in the bat of an eye. Also, if you’re visiting the city cause you have family studying in the city, you should look for Bologna hotels in those areas.

Bologna Airport

Guglielmo Marconi airport is the Bologna airport is located right outside the city in Borgo Panigale. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have international flights coming in, but it’s well connected to London and other European capitals. If you fly into Bologna you’ll be lucky enough to find a shuttle that’ll bring you to the Central Station, and from there you’ll be super connected to the rest of the city. It’ll cost 6€, but no worries you can hop on whichever one you want. Also, keep in mind that if you’ll be getting into the city after March 2019 they’ll add a monorail system from Bologna airport to Bologna train station that’ll take only 7 minutes, the Marconi Express, making one stop in the middle, so don’t forget to not get off on that one in a year and a half from now.

Bologna Italy Map

As promised here is your Bologna Italy Map

Bonus round: How to say “Bologna”?

So, we’ve seen online that many of you are wondering what is the right way to pronounce BOLOGNA, so we’re gonna give you the most down to earth pronunciation course in the world here you go

Bolo(read like Soho)-knee-ha


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