You’re in the center of the Renascence, but you’re jonesing for a nice Italian Pie, what are we talking about. There’s a great selection of places to pick from, and here are the best ones!

Best Pizza in Florence: the complete guide

il pizzaiuolo

Il Pizzaiuolo

Via dei Macci 113R, Florence

Il Pizzaiuolo in Florence is NO DOUBT, my personal favourite Florence pizza joint (I don’t speak for StudentsVille cause they love all pizza equally). It’s mostly emotional value on my part, but I’m sure the fact that it’s always packed by locals and tourists is a good parameter to understand how good it is. Another thing to keep in mind is the Burrata they serve that is always, and I’m not exaggerating, ALWAYS the right temperature. Cause a cold Burrata has no flavour and a hot one is just not enjoyable. So not only the best pizza in Florence, also the best burrata.



Via dell’Agnolo 105/107R, Florence
Via del Sansovino 191, Florence
Via Antonio Pacinotti 40/42R, Florence

Pizzaman is one of the Florence pizza spots that is also a local franchisees in the city, and I mean they have all the right to be one, cause they really know what they are doing. This is another one of those places that doesn’t serve all the pizzas you can imagine, but rather those that respect the tradition the most, while adding some special pizzas depending on the season.

il torcicoda

Il Torcicoda

Via Torta 5R, Florence

The pizzeria of Il Torcicoda has a great selection of pizzas and their doughs are insanely good. When you get there though don’t be afraid cause the setting can look a bit fancy, with the fact that you have a restaurant on one side and a pizzeria on the other. Go in the front door and make sure to ask to eat at the pizzeria if that is what you’re craving for.


Largo Pietro Annigoni 9, Florence


Opened in 2015, Santarpia has been making itself more and more known around Florence and the world because of its beautiful tasting pizza and it’s amazing dough. Making a selection of classic pizzas, like margherita, and a more spontaneous selection like pizzas topped with pumpkin and lampredotto.

da gherardo

Da Gherardo

Borgo S. Frediano 57R, Florence

This is one of Florence’s smallest pizzerias, and as they say in Florence “nella botte piccola c’è il vino buono”. And Gherardo is MOLTO BUONO. Located in the area on Borgo San Frediano, you’ll probably pass by it 2 or 3 times before you actually understand where it is, cause on the strip you’ll find more than one small establishment. Keep in mind it’s the one that looks full, cause another thing to know about this place is that you should never go at classic dinner time hours, rather a bit later, cause it’s always packed.


Gusta Pizza

Via Maggio 46R, Florence

If you’ve been to Florence you probably already know about GustaPizza, one of the most important pizza joints in the Santo Spirito area. One of those places you go to grab a pie when you’re a bit in a rush, or just want to keep on hanging out on the stairs of the church. All of that without having to resort to passing on a good pizza, cause you get comfort and flavour at Gusta Pizza.

Pizzeria Caffè Italiano

Via Isola delle Stinche 11R-13R, Florence

Caffè Italiano is a restaurant in Florence that could also be on the same level as Enoteca Pinchiorri (the most luxurious restaurant in the city centre), But compared to it’s competition, Caffè Italiano also keeps in mind that not everyone want to have a fancy dinner, so they opened a pizzeria right next door. This place only serves 3 types of Pizza (Margherita, Marinara and Napoli) and you can’t reserve a table in advance, you show up and put your name down and hope for the best.

pizzeria caffè italiano

Briscola Pizza Society

Via del Campidoglio 8R, Florence

Briscola Pizza Society can be found near Piazza della Republica, right next to the Hard Rock Cafè. Everyone who’s been was very pleased with their food, and they also loved the fact that you can enjoy a selection of mini pizzas, or pizza sliders (whatever sounds better) when not sure about what toppings you want.

Vico del Carmine

Via Pisana 40R, Florence

The last pizzeria on our list, and a really good one for sure, Vico del Carmine has a great selection of pizzas (some also with Neapolitan ricotta stuffed in the crust) that vary from extremely heavy to nice and light. Go there also just to see what a street of old Naples could look like if you’ve never had the chance to see it.

Before you go and try out these great Pizzerie, let’s look at some Pizza Etiquette.

Is it rude to eat pizza with your hands in Italy?

Not at all, actually from what I see, it’s looks pretty rude to eat it with a fork and knife to be honest. Remeber always use your hands when eating an Italian Pizza!

Why don’t they cut pizza in Italy?

The main reason for this, is because you’re taught how since you’re very young. So, it’s standard practice that people know how to cut their own pizza. But let’s say you’re ordering one to take home or to eat in a Piazza with some friends, just ask them to cut it for you and they will do it.

What is Pizza called in Italy?

Well, maybe you didn’t know this but Pizza is originally from Italy, so Pizza is called Pizza in Italy.

What should I serve with Pizza?

I really wouldn’t know what to answer here, cause when I have a Pizza I’m happy with it on it’s own. Plus, let’s take into account the fact that most Toppings you can get are already something of a side, so I would just go for the Pizza and if you’re still hungry…order another after.

Is Italian pizza thick or thin?

Pizza in Italy varies from region to region. The original Neapolitan Pizza is thin in the middle and thick at the crust, but if you go to Rome, Pizza tends to be thin. My advice try both and you’ll find out what is the best pizza for you.

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  1. Where can anyone find Roman pizza tondo, the thin crust pizza (not to be confused with Roman pizza a taglio)?


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