It’s Boiling here in Florence, just in case you didn’t notice — or you’re from a place that is a lot hotter than here — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be training in any way, I mean I get it you’ve been hitting the gym all year to get that summer bod, and now you just wanna chill out, but what about those endorphins? those sweet sweet endorphins. So you’re about town and want your kick, but don’t wanna take it too seriously? Don’t worry, we found the best event for you (if this is your sort of thing, you know exercise). 

July, 3rd the Drink&Run aperitivo/run will take place in Florence. It’s born to mix fun, sports, and responsible drinking. So the race will be riddled with beer stops, and food stands, so don’t worry you won’t be risking anything like being hungry or missing out on the calories you’ll need to complete the run.

“see some of the best views of Florence”

Signing up now will cost you 16.00€ and after the July, 1st it’s going up to 18.00€. Signing up entails a chance to enjoy the run around to see some of the best views of Florence, the official Drink&Run t-shirt that you must wear during the race, three beers, and after the fun and games of the run, you’ll get to enjoy some music and that well-deserved relaxation. Don’t worry it won’t be a day run, cause then they’d be just spending on fuel for ambulances rather than beer.

“Meet up is at 7.00pm at Lungarno del Tempio 3”

If you decide to sign up, you can find the link to the Drink&Run registration right here. Meet up is at 7.00pm at Lungarno del Tempio 3, it’s where you’ll find La Toraia, and the race starts at 8.00pm

Anyway, we wanted to show you some of the best content of the past years to get you excited and sign up for this years Drink&Run!


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