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Sometimes in the heat of July/August, you don’t want to be under the boiling sun 24/7. Sometimes you deserve a good old air-conditioned room, that isn’t just your apartment (plus I mean you need to be lucky in Florence to find AC in a house). Sometimes you just wanna sit in a nice comfy chair munching on some popcorn and candy and downing a huge soda. This is what we’re bringing to you today, we’re giving you list of indoor cinemas in the Florence area. So as you’re looking for cinema in Florence on your search bar, we’ll make sure to help you out. Because you need some Florence Cinema to fall back on in times of need. We’re gonna divide the category in two VO (Italian for Versione Originale, so not dubbed, at least you can say you found an English movie theatre near me with maps) and plain Italian cinema.

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The complete list of Cinema in Florence


Piazza degli Strozzi

One of Florence’s first cinemas, the other was Gambrinus where you can now find the Hard Rock café. This is the top VO cinema in Florence, I mean it’s where you want to go, plus it’s right in the center of the city. Here you’ll usually find the Blockbuster hits, so if you’re jonesing for that new Marvel flick this is where you’re gonna go.

Spazio Alfieri Cinema Teatro Bistrò

Via dell’Ulivo, 6

Spazio Alfieri is right between the area of Santa Croce and Sant’Ambrogio, here you’ll find some arthouse cinema with subtitles, and at times you’ll probably get the chance to see a theatre show. It’s a proper “Centro Culturale” where you’ll get a chance to see a bit of the scene in Florence.

Cinema La Compagnia

Via Camillo Cavour, 50/R

An ex-theatre brought back to life with a modern twist, you’ll see this Cinema on the way to San Marco from the Duomo. A selection of arthouse cinema is shown here as well, so you’ll get a chance to see some foreign films with subtitles, and what’s better than that? I mean you’ll be on the same level as every other Italian that has to read and watch at the same time. Most of the times the subtitles will be in Italian, but hey you’re also to learn the language and reading is way easier than having to listen.

Cinema Stenses

Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni, 25/c

Well, I mean the last three VO cinemas I’m talking about present a selection of arthouse, cause hey Florence is a cultural hub. Cinema Stensen isn’t only in it’s location, but rather it has a contract with the Estate Fiesolana that makes them show movies at the Teatro Romano di Fiesole (I’ll be adding it to the map, in the end, don’t worry) out in the open. Most of the movies shown there will be in VO and from what I saw in the selection most will be in English.

Movie Theatres in Italian


Viale Giacomo Matteotti

Multisala Fiamma

Via Antonio Pacinotti, 13

The Space Cinema Firenze

Centro Commerciale San Donato
Via di Novoli, 2

Multisala Portico

Via Capo di Mondo, 66

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