“I’m going to an art school in Italy” you no doubt heard that a few times from your artsy friends, but now it’s your time to pick your uni and maybe that art school in Italy wasn’t that much of a bad idea. Lucky for you in Italy, we have a huge selection of art schools, ranging from architecture schools in all the major cities, some of the best product design school in all of the world, and a great number of interior design schools in Italy.

So, now you’re all ready to hop on the fancy Italian art school train, but you’re still undecided on where to go. The major cities like Florence, Bologna, Venice, Milan and Naples, all have some of the best creative schools in Europe, so you should be looking there, and should be looking on StudentsVille to find your apartment for rent in Italy.

Also, you know about our love for Florence, so just in case go give a look at our Florence Design School list and our more generic university list the Schools in Florence Italy page.

After we looked through a vast number of architecture schools in Italy, interior design universities in Italy, design colleges in Italy, we came to select 6 different schools where you should check out.

Best Art school in Italy



If you’re looking to study design in Italy, IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) is right up your alley. You can find IED in 6 Italian cities: Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice, Turin, and Cagliari. offering a selection of courses such as Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management. No doubt considered of the best design schools in Italy.

art school in italy polimoda


Polimoda is one the most internationally renowned Italian fashion schools, you can find Polimoda in Florence, and you’d be amazed by the things you can learn in this fashion hub. So if you’re planning on going to Florence keep Polimoda in mind.


Marangoni is another really important fashion school, the main difference with Polimoda is the international success it has, having its HQ in Milan, but a great number of other locations around the world, such as in Paris, London, Shangai, Shenzhen, Mumbai, Miami, and Florence. One of the best jewellery design schools in Italy, and one of the best fashion schools in the world, Istituto Marangoni is no doubt what you need to look into.

Accademia delle Belle Arti Florence

Founded in1563 by Cosimo I de’ Medici, the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Firenze, has been home and mentor to a lot of artists, from the likes of Michelangelo to Vasari, from Bronzino to Kauffmann. It’s location today is in the square of San Marco, but this isn’t where you’ll find the David, that is the Accademia Gallery, in Via Ricasoli. Great to study interior design in Florence Italy.

Accademia Italiana

Definitely one of the best interior design schools in Italy, the Accademia Italiana has some of the best programs on offer:  Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior and Product Design, Jewellery Design, Photography, and New Media. So whatever you need to study in the Arts they’ve got you covered. Keep in mind you’ll find locations in Florence and in Rome, so the possibilities are endless.

The Florence Institute of Design International

One of the newest addition to the academic world, the Florence Institute of Design International was founded in 2008 and is now 10 years old. In here you can find yourself studying programs such as Interior Design, Graphic Design, Art History, and Architecture. Here would be a great place to study architecture in Italy as an International Student.