A lot of you coming from around the world might be iOS users, so what are you going to do if you’re here in Italy and you’ve got a problem with your Mac or your iPhone? You need of an Apple Store finder. Well, you can try to fix it on your own, but not advisable if too clumsy or if you just can’t be bothered with buying the various components and following online tutorials. That’s where the beauty of the Apple Store comes in (please Mr.Cook love us and sponsor us). The Apple store Italy list is just what you wanted the most, even you Android users, just to look at the beautiful architecture and think: “My god I wish my phone company would reinvest this much money in amazing structures”.

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The main cities of Italy don’t all have Apple Stores within the city center, they do on the outskirts, but not always “downtown”. Apple store Rome Italy for example, you can find them up north and south, but pretty far away from the touristy areas, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get there. While they just opened an Apple store in Milano Italy, not even a month ago (Milan is going full on US-style lately opening a Starbucks and a Five Guys all in the same time-frame, and I’ll say this does make me a happy boy). While an Apple Store in Naples is still not in the works, you’ll find one on the outskirts towards Caserta, but at that point, it’s better if you look on the Apple store finder and find any affiliated stores.

Apple store Firenze

Last, and never least, the Apple store in Florence, was one of the first locations to open within the center of an Italian city, plus it’s in Piazza Della Repubblica and it follows the London Covent Garden location style.

So if you’re sitting in front of your broken iPhone trying to type in < is there an Apple Store in Italy > we hope you find this article and find the one closest to your student accommodation in Italy.

First, we’re gonna leave a list of locations and subsequently a little G-Map so you don’t have to search them on your own.

Apple store in Italy: the list

Bologna, Via Rizzoli
Via Rizzoli, 16
40125 Bologna

Firenze, Firenze
Piazza della Repubblica
50123 Firenze

Bufalotta, Porta di Roma
Galleria Porta di Roma
Via Alberto Lionello, 201
00139 Bufalotta Roma

Grugliasco, Le Gru
Centro commerciale Le Gru
Via Crea, 10
10095 Grugliasco Torino

Apple Firenze Campi Bisenzio, I Gigli
Centro Commerciale I Gigli
Via San Quirico, 165
50013 Campi Bisenzio Firenze

Lonato, il Leone
Il Leone Shopping Center
Via Mantova, 36
25017 Lonato Brescia

Apple store Milano Carugate, Carosello
Centro Commerciale Carosello
Strada Provinciale 208 KM 2
20061 Carugate Milano

Apple Store Rome Lunghezza, RomaEst
Centro commerciale RomaEst
Via Collatina, 858
00132 Lunghezza Roma
06 224 5300

Apple Store in Rome EUR, Euroma2
Centro Commerciale Euroma2
Viale dell’Oceano Pacifico, 83
00144 EUR Roma

Marcianise, Campania
Centro Commerciale Campania
S.S. Sannitica 87 – Località Aurno
81025 Marcianise Caserta
082 369 8 7 100

Milano, Piazza Liberty
Piazza del Liberty, 1
20121 Milano
02 3030 2400

Misterbianco, Centro Sicilia
Strada provinciale 54 – Località La Tenutella
Contrada Cubba
95045 Misterbianco Catania
09571818 0100

Orio al Serio, Oriocenter
Centro commerciale Oriocenter
Via Portico, 71
24050 Orio al Serio Bergamo
035 421 400

Rimini, Le Befane
Centro Commerciale Le Befane
Via Caduti di Nassiriya, 20
47900 Rimini
0541 181 3200

Rozzano, Fiordaliso
Centro Commerciale Fiordaliso
Via Curiel, 25
20089 Rozzano Milano
025779 7600

Torino, Via Roma
Via Roma, 82
10121 Torino
011 506 6201

Apple Store Italy Location


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