We do believe that most of you are here to find out about the Italian lifestyle, I mean if you’re coming in you have to know something prior right? 

If you’re looking for apartments and accommodations in Italy for tourists and students you’re in the right place.

I mean you can’t find housing in Italy and not know how to make coffee using a mock (shhh I’m still pretty bad at it, and I’m here since I was 5).

We also know that the rest of you, and I’m also taking into account the ones that are here for the local knowledge, are looking for an HQ, a home-base, a rendezvous point for your sleepy times.

You are looking to rent a house in Italy, ain’t that the truth? So you’ve got one thing right, that’s for sure, and that you’re on StudentsVille, so now that you’re here we can’t leave you hanging. That wouldn’t be very nice, not at all.

apartments italy for rent

We decided to give you a complete guide, full on, nothing unexplained to rent a house in Italy, going from average pricing to period.

Keep in mind that Italy is a very tourist/student oriented country, and this does imply a certain number of properties do get put up for rent, this doesn’t in any way mean that you’ll get a sweet deal on some apartments, rather you’ll find yourself in a very similar price range where ever you wish to go.

Usually apartments Italy for rent cost between €450 to €1100, this is an estimate keeping in mind location, so “In the Centre” or “Out of the Centre” and also bedrooms, with the lowest being a 1 bedroom apartment Out of the Centre. So always check where your classes will be, or what areas inspire you the most.

Now that price is not counting utilities, but we’ll talk of those in the next paragraph, cause I’ll be taking into account monthly rent costs, so why not talk about expenses as well? Read more about cost of living in Italy

House in Italy for a month

So you’ve decided where you want to go and where you want to rent in Italy, but you still aren’t sure on how to budget your stay.

That’s always the worst part, and also the most annoying one (at least for me). You’ll find that homes for rent in Italy, cost between €450 and €1100 a month, as we talked about in the previous paragraph.

But living away from home isn’t only paying the monthly rent, and so we thought a good idea was to drop in some info on how much utilities will come to cost. In a standard 85m2 apartment the average cost comes to €150 for all the basic utilities (water, electric, heating), so that’s not too much really considering you really do need them.

For a year

Renting an apartment in Italy can be confusing. Yearly rentals are usually their own thing, I mean, if you think about it’s quite similar wherever you go. You have a fixed rate, and you pay that for 12 months, now though if you’re looking on our website, and you let’s say you look at houses for rent in Tuscany Italy, you’ll notice that when on our portal you’ll see that it’s advisable to ask the property owner what to do in case of longer than 30 day stays. This way you might come to an agreement on a price that is suitable to both you and the property owner. Keep in mind that if you don’t you’ll probably find out you’re spending a bit too much, so always ask.

For a week

As we said, this is a complete guide for students and tourists, and this paragraph and the next are no doubt dedicated to you, my fellow visitors. Now, when you go to a place sometimes you want to stay for a day, and other times you wish to stay a full week, this way you can get a nice feel about the city you’re visiting.

Ok, so let’s take this as an example, you’re going to visit your son/daughter that is in Rome studying abroad, so you’ll need to find houses for rent in Rome Italy, that’s the easy part, but you’ll also find yourself in front of some pretty high prices, compared to monthly rents.

This is the norm, unfortunately, cause a weekly rented apartment in Italy, comes to about 300 to 500, this can be a bit frustrating, but you’ll no doubt spend less than in a Hotel, and you’ll also have all the comfort of being at home.

For vacation

Renting a house for vacation really depends on how you wish to spend your time and where. Most rentals in Italy you’ll find will have a minimum stay, this is something that can be somewhat of a nuisance if you wish to spend one night per city, but don’t worry cause some don’t stifle you that way, and offer the house for how long you want it. I usually don’t look for student apartments in Italy, but when I travel to a new destination, I love to get a chance to see the diversity the landscape has to offer. If we took Italy as an example, I’d wish to travel north and south and sleep a night in each place, while packing in all the tourist info I can in the two days I’m in each place. You don’t have to follow my steps, but you can look for your next apartment to rent in Italy here with us.

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