We’ve been all about showing you around town and suggesting some of the best locations to eat, hang out, or just chill out, but really what we do here at StudentsVille is help you find the right accommodation for your time while studying.

Today we’ll be talking about our base of operations.

Because StudentsVille is the place to be when looking for the right apartments in Florence that can cater to your needs. You’ll be able to find great deals for rental apartments Florence where you need to be. Maybe you’re not here for a long period of time and need to find some Florence short term rentals, guess what? StudentsVille is your place. So don’t forget that to rent Florence you need to look no further than here on StudentsVille.

apartments in FlorenceFinding Apartments in Florence


Finding apartments in Florence, or anywhere really, can be a hassle that is gonna stress out, so we at StudentsVille want to make Florence Short term rentals easier to find so at least you can just stress about exams and tests (you can’t say we’re not looking out for you). Now rent in Florence can be pricey at times, but you’ll maybe share the cost with other students, I mean it’s part of the experience to live together under the same roof as people that have the same interest or haven’t seen the city like yourself (that is if you haven’t been here obviously).

View of FLorence

Looking for apartments in Florence


So if you’re looking for rental apartments in Florence you’re no doubt in the best place. Cause StudentsVille is the place for you. It’s our main thing and we can’t stress it enough that you’ll find the best apartment for your stay.


Maybe you’re here to find some fancy spot like some sweet apartments in Florence with terrace, or apartments in Florence with pool, and if you look enough you’ll no doubt find one of them here on our site.

Duomo Florence

Now, let’s keep in mind that not everyone who’s coming to Florence is here to study, maybe you just want to come here and enjoy the city and culture for more than a week, oh baby you don’t even know where I’m going with this, we’ve got you covered for those needs as well. Finding apartments in Florence for short stay, apartments in Florence Italy for monthly rent, or just generically apartments in Florence for rent we’ll make sure you find everything you need and put a roof over your head. Thinking about it maybe you’re coming for a long haul and are looking for apartments in Florence Italy for rent long term, guess what? we’ve got you.

THe other side of the Arno

How much are apartments in Florence Italy?


After spending all this time reminding you how great StudentsVille is when it comes to lending a helping hand while looking for apartments, you might be wondering how much it costs to find apartments in Florence. So we obviously offer a range of prices, but to give you a good understanding of how much it’s gonna weigh on your wallet we found a good estimate of prices based on location and size.




  • Monthly rent for a furnished 85m2 apartment in a fancy area comes at €1,100
  • Monthly rent for a furnished 85m2 apartment in a standard area comes at €850
  • Monthly rent for a furnished 45m2 studio apartment in a fancy area comes at €760
  • Monthly rent for a furnished 45m2 studio apartment in a standard area comes at €650


Keep in mind that is without utilities, unless stated in the contract, but you can expect to spend something around €120 per month.


So one last time we’re going to remind you that if you’re looking for Florence short term rentals, or you want to rent a flat in Florence for long term, StudentsVille is the place for you.

Good search!


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