Last week, I booked a tour called Florence to Spa, Wine, and Tuscan Countryside with Smart Trip, and it was MARVELOUS (the same trip also leaves from Rome!  The trip combined three things I love the most, spa, VINO, and beautiful views! If you aren’t convinced just by the name, check out my 8 reasons you should join the trip!


Luxury thermal baths:                         

The first stop of the trip is at a spa with natural hot spring pools! There are both indoor and outdoor pools making the temperature perfect at any time of the year.

Spa treatments:

Not only can you enjoy yourself in the pools, but you can choose to have spa treatments done including facials, massages and much more!


The robes:

I 10/10 suggest renting one of the robes from the spa while you are there. They are literally the softest things I have ever felt and are def worth the 8 euro rental fee to feel like a princess.

Tuscan wine (and a lot of it):

After the spa, we stopped at a picturesque vineyard for lunch that including a TON of wine! The servers literally kept pouring wine, even when you didn’t ask for it!


The food:

The included lunch was not only delicious, but there was so much food! Tuscan appetizers, and lots of pasta had me feeling like an Italian queen.

A chance to feel like a movie star (i.e. Diane Lane):

In the afternoon we explored the breathtaking town of Cortona and the small quaint town! You may recognize it from the film “Under the Tuscan Sun” as the romantic film was filmed there!


The views of Tuscany:

All day, the views were wonderful! The outdoor pools at the spa overlooked rolling hills and in Cortona, the panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside looked like a postcard!

You deserve It:

You’ve worked hard and school is tiring, so take a Friday for some Italian style self-care.