So its time to change the tune a bit with these articles, you’ve got all the tips and tricks of Florence to go through while on the website, but today, today we’re changing it up a bit. I’m gonna give you a little recap of what happened last weekend in Milan. Yep, I go around and StudentsVille isn’t only about Florence anymore.

Anyway, I got my ass to Milan in the most inexpensive way possible: Flixbus, a green and orange conglomerate of speed, “Comfort” and space. Anyway apart from all of that I spent 17€ for a return ticket, so if you’re on a budget it’s not that bad (I’ll write down a cheap travel guide article soon so no worries).

Now lets really talk about what I did. I had the opportunity to go see the Wired Next Fest and enjoy a great selection of music at night, while during the day listening to some of the brightest minds debate topics ranging from climate change to privacy.

The first day I arrived a bit too late to see the talks that were scheduled during the day, but had the chance to enjoy some great (and free, yeeeeee) music in one of Milan’s best Giardini: The Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli, right in front of Porta Venezia (a 15 minute walk from the Duomo of Milan). One band, in particular, Calibro35, was really going strong playing some great soul/funk inspired by those 70s car-chase themes, like those of Starsky and Hutch theme songs. Well, that was that and I had to leave cause there was nothing else that interested me, the subway was gonna close down and I wanted to get back to the apartment before that.

Now Saturday was a full day indeed we got to spend the day looking at various stands promoting vr and new eco-sustainable technologies, while also popin’ in to check in on talks by creatives such as Oliviero Toscani (in case you don’t know him, he’s the guy who made all the ads for benneton in the 90s-00s and pretty much paved the way for modern advertising) where he gave some good pointers on the creative process, while trying to get us younglings off of our phones (never heard that one before), we then decided it was time to eat and found ourselves in a great pizzeria called Pizzium.

Now I’m gonna leave it here cause after Oliviero Toscani, I had to go to the hospital cause I almost fainted, and yeah I’ll explain that in the next installment cause it’ll definitely be too wordy and we need content on this blog.


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